The End of the Halloween Challenge

Just about 90 days ago, my team and I created a challenge to prepare for this year’s Halloween by working out with Beachbody workout programs. The majority of us did P90X, while others did Insanity. The goal of the challenge was for us to prepare ourselves for Halloween as we are dressing up as heroes, or superheroes.

When I started the challenge back in early August, I was aiming to dress up as Captain America – that was the hot movie of the summer.   But when I heard about the death of Andy Whitfield, the star of ‘Spartacus: Blood & Sand’…from lymphoma, it made sense for me to change my plans and costume as Spartacus this Halloween to commemorate his death and to do honor to his hard fought battle with cancer.  (Which is another reason why I’m making a special effort to commemorate Movember this year, to help raise awareness on male-related cancers.)

This Halloween challenge round was my 12th round of P90X — was it any easier for me than the first?  No, every round of P90X is tough and of course I keep challenging myself to make it even tougher. On the previous 3 rounds of P90X, I was doing pushups and pull-ups with high reps, wearing a 30 pound weighted vest. However, on this round, I did not use any weight vest at all for pull-ups and instead focused on doing everything with proper form and with slower pulls. My reps were lower than before, but I felt a much better pump on my muscles with this more controlled technique.

And just  like my previous 3 rounds, I did a P90X + gym hybrid. You can find the detailed plans here. This hybrid routine is not for beginners; I would only recommend attempting it if you’ve done a minimum of 3 rounds of traditional P90X. Keep in mind that there is no classic recovery week here, so this is not for everyone. And for beginners who are looking to add mass with P90X , there are other options – click here.

How did I manage to complete 12 rounds of P90X? I did it with the support of my team. Doing P90X alone can be tough and it is easy to lose motivation and the drive to push yourself harder. But, if you do the workout with few others, then you’re more likely to have someone to help keep you accountable to yourself and your goals . If you can find someone to workout with you, that’s great. Or you can  join a virtual workout group. If you cannot find a group, then ask your coach to push you and help keep you accountable. If you’re coached by me, then you know that all you need to do is ASK!

As for me, I know I cannot quit because I need to lead by example. Knowing that there are others out there counting on me to be their ‘role model’, makes me push myself every day to workout. I guess that is one of the perks of being a coach. You all push me to be better, each and every day.  And for that, I thank you.

P90X2 will be out just before the holidays and I know I plan on starting a P90X2 Challenge on 1/2/2012. But from now till then, I haven’t decided yet on what routines that I want to do next. Maybe it’s time to dust off the Insanity & Asylum DVDs 😉



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