Success Story: The Arteaga Twins

I have the honor to help Seth & Colt Arteaga the past 2 years with their fitness journey using Beachbody programs. Their story:


When high school sports ended, as seniors we we’re just sitting around the field room with nothing to do.  After seeing the p90x infomercial late one night, us along with a group of friends decided we would all do the program together and see if we could get results.  Almost immediately all of us were seeing results along with just feeling better and healthier every day. When summer time came around, we had all done about 70 days of the program and were more fit than any other time in our lives. We finished the program with amazing results.

After we began our first semester of college, we fell back into our old ways. Before we knew it, our abs were hidden under the flab we had worked so hard to get off. Spring semester came around and it was time for round 2 of the X. Once again we pushed play and worked out with Tony six days a week. After the second round we signed up to run a half marathon and decided to wear our p90x tanks. We both stayed fit for the summer, but in the fall both of us experienced injuries and couldn’t work out for months.

Finally we healed and had seen that Shaun T from hip-hop came out with a more cardio based program for fast results. We ordered insanity and loved every minute of the program. We were lean in no time and started mixing in some p90x workouts to incorporate weight training. Then came Asylum, which are our favorite workouts so far. We are about 20 days into the program and love it. We can’t wait to start P90X2; all of the Beachbody workouts create incredible results and the trainers are great.


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– Nick Husin, Independent Team Beachbody Coach
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