Success Story: Karl Pauli

I have the honor to coach Karl on his 2nd round of P90X. It is amazing on what kind of results you can get by following simple advice – like investing in proper supplements 😉

For those who are still skeptical on proper nutrition to build lean mass and burn bodyfat,  take the leap of faith and open your mind to try something new, even for 1 month. You never know what kind of results you can achieve until you’ve tried it… And that’s what Karl learned as well.

Karl’s Story:

Throughout high school and college I was always heavily involved in athletics.  I never had to watch what I was eating because I was able to burn it off quickly playing sports.  Middle of the way through my sophomore year of college, I suffered a fairly significant sports injury playing baseball and had to undergo Tommy John Surgery.  Unfortunately I was not able to make it back in time by my senior year to compete in baseball.  This was very difficult for me to swallow.  No more competing in sports and recovering from my sports injury was very challenging.  I was able to get some of my strength back through my personal workouts and training, but I never felt like I got back to where I was before the injury.  

Upon graduation from college, I started my career in the Navy.  Wow, almost 10 years completed now!  I’ve always maintained a level of fitness that was good enough to pass our physical fitness test, but I never made it a point to being fit as a personal goal.  Every couple years I would challenge myself with a new job and responsibility that was significant in my military career, but I continued to put my physical fitness on the back burner.  I’d equate the level of effort I gave to my physical fitness as doing the bare minimum!  It was the definition of insanity!  Working harder at work, but letting my body run right into the ground.  

Fast forward to March 24, 2012, 31 years of age and my wife and I discover that our family would be expanding by one!  Parenthood, here we come!  Words cannot describe the amount of joy I experienced!  Besides marrying my beautiful wife, this was easily the most amazing moment of my life.  As we began to prep our lives for our new bundle of joy, many of my close friends including my pastor, parents, and close military members all warned me of the amount of weight I would gain during my wife’s pregnancy.  Even in our baby book that was given to us as a gift, it highlights how much mom gained followed be a line stating how much dad gained during the pregnancy!!  

By the end of March 2012, I finished one of the more difficult jobs in my career in the Navy.  At 6’2”, 227lbs, and 18% body fat, I was struggling with my level of physical fitness more than I ever had before.  Just eating less, running, and doing some pushups and sit-ups wasn’t cutting it anymore.  I knew I needed to get serious about my physical fitness or I was going to gain a significant amount of weight during my wife’s pregnancy!  It took someone at my work place to ask me if I had looked in the mirror lately to get my attention.  At that point, I knew I needed to make a decision and commit to taking the first step!

June 2012, I decided to take the first step and began my first round of P90X.   I lost a total of 18lbs and was hovering right around 210lbs by the end of round one.  But I wasn’t finished yet… I knew that I needed to really dial in my nutrition and supplementation if I was going to see those infomercial results.  I started searching on google “Does P90X really work?” and “P90X Transformation.”  Using these searches, I came across my soon to be coach, the one that helped me realize anyone could achieve these results with discipline, motivation and commitment!  

Round 2, I really focused on dialing in my nutrition, and committing to the program 100%. I invested in a set of Powerblocks and a standalone pull-up machine. I also started taking Shakeology and the Results and Recovery Formula. The rest was history!  My goal for Round 2 was to lose 15 lbs and get down around 5-6% body fat.  Dialing in my nutrition, I’m happy to say I reached these numbers by the end of 60 days!  The last 30 days was about seeing how ripped I could get!  Thanks to Tony Horton and my P90X crew I was able to do just that, get in the best most ripped shape of my life!

I’ve learned a few things through my two rounds of P90X.  First, it doesn’t matter whether or not you have suffered an injury.  You can modify just about every movement.  Secondly, fitness and nutrition are for life!  It doesn’t matter if you are fat or slim, your body is remarkably made and with discipline, motivation, and commitment, there is no limit, except for the limits that you place upon yourself!  Finally, you can’t just commit half-heartedly to this program.  If you do, you’ll see average results.  But who wants average results with a program like this??  If you want real results you need to give it your all.  That means bringing it in all aspects, fitness and nutrition, 100% of the time!


~Karl Pauli

P90X Transformation

Karl Pauli’s Transformation with P90X

If you like Karl’s story and would like to contact him directly, check him out on Facebook. He is now a coach in my team and is ready to help you with your fitness journey!




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