Be the Beast ! Train like one and be like one

This week, I started my Body Beast transformation journey again – my 4th round doing this workout program. My goal is to hit past the 170 lbs mark – so far my heaviest weight is at 165 lbs while still maintaining a single digit bf%. I believe that using what I’ve learned the past 3 rounds and by working closely with my trainer that I can maximize my results this time around. Of course, it doesnt hurt that I also have a great online accountability buddy – Doug Fitzgerald. We’re both committed to compete in the 2014 Beast Classic in Vegas, which will be our 1st physique competition.

Working on the Front Deltoids

Of course, nutrition is a big factor for any transformation — just working out, will not get you the results that you want, if you still filling the tank up with cheap fast food meals, or daily Heineken beers or whatever it is that you like to drink. To build mass, it’s all about consuming the right type of food so that your body can use the food as fuel to rebuild and add muscle tissue after intense training.

Currently I am eating around 4000+ calories per day at a ratio of around 50/25/25 carb-protein-fat. For me, this has been the best macro-ratio based on my experiences lifting hard. And I also know that in the next few weeks, I might need to increase it to 5000 cal in order to see more growth in size and strength.

I posted my sample diet on FB and got some interesting feedback – some people couldn’t believe that I have to eat that much just to maintain my current weight, and told me that Im blessed with good genetics. Personally, I dont know whether having high metabolism is a great thing, especially since I spend close to $1000/month on food – and I eat/cook at home the majority of the time. Plus, eating all the time takes up more of my time than I’d like. But…. this is what I’m willing to do in order to achieve a great physique.


My advice to those who love to eat – Michael Phelps consumed over 12,000 cal/day while he was training for the Olympics! Hugh Jackman was consuming over 5000 cal/day to prep for his role as Wolverine. If you love to eat, then train hard! Train hard like a beast! Then you will EARN your meal 🙂

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