Fitness Coaching with 2014 Champion Mr Muscle Beach

To achieve any goal, whether it is with health and fitness, career, finances, or relationships; it is important to have the right tools to assist you in succeeding. One of the strongest tools an individual can have is external accountability. Many people choose to create health and fitness goals with family, friends, and/or colleagues as a way to hold each other accountable. However, it is easy for life to get in the way. As a Fitness Coach, I provide few options for individuals’ looking to transform their body.


OPTION 1: Free Fitness Coaching with Team Beachbody

before-afterFor individuals interested in a customized Beachbody program, we work together to determine the Beachbody fitness programs and nutritional supplements that will be most beneficial in achieving the desired results. With the purchase of these products, I provide FREE fitness coaching throughout your transformation, plus exclusive invitation to my online challenge group.

Beachbody products are high-quality, top-of-the-line fitness and nutrition products that are proven effective. The product lines vary depending on needs, and finding the right solution, based on your goals, is critical to your success.

However, the cost-savings on this option is ideal for many individuals looking to make a change.



90-day cost
Personal Trainer (1)
Gym Membership (2)
Workout & Supplement Pkg. (3)
At Home Equipment (4)
Home Training
Between $0 -$300
Gym Training
  1. Cost calculated with: $60/hr. x 3 sessions/wk. x 12 weeks
  2. Cost calculated by: $50/month x 3 months
  3. 90-day money-back guarantee
  4. From no-equipment at all, to a typical cost of Powerblock Classic 50 Adjustable Dumbbells

This comparison assumes that training at the gym includes 3 circuit training sessions with a personal trainer and 3 individual cardio sessions at the gym each week, while training at home includes a 6-day a week Beachbody program for 90 days.

fitness coach

If you are ready to sign up to receive a FREE customized Beachbody program and FREE coaching, follow the link below. You will be directed to the Beachbody website to complete the application form. I will be available to answer all of your questions and keep you motivated throughout your journey.

Make Me Your Coach Take the Ripped Challenge


How can I afford to be a free fitness coach?
I benefit from being your free fitness coach by earning a commission on any Beachbody products you purchase – whether it be a program, supplement, or equipment.  It helps compensate me for the time I spend answering your questions and keeping you motivated!

Is this better than 1-on-1 personal training?
In my opinion, YES! For most people, they can only afford personal trainers for only 1 or 2 sessions per week (each session usually costs around $70-100).  Meanwhile, the other days in the week, they would try to do something on their own; even with some workout guidance by the trainers, most people cant perform well, without the daily coaching and support. That is why I found that my customers have better results when with Team Beachbody Coaching and by joining my Ripped Challenge – plus it is much cheaper!

Why choose me as YOUR coach?
I’ve done several rounds of P90X , Body Beast and many other Beachbody programs, which totally transformed my body.  When people ask me “Does P90X work?” “Does Body Beast work?” I tell them “Yes!”  But it takes hard work and dedication.  As your fitness coach, I know what it’s like to not want to work out and I can keep you motivated.  If you are not sure which Beachbody program to use or what equipment to get, I will help guide you based on your goals.  Since I have worked with many different people with different body types, I can put together a customized plan for you based on the programs available within Beachbody and also with your diet plan, no matter what your fitness goals are.

About Beachbody products:
Beachbody products are high quality and top of the line. The workout programs are for everyone as they varies from the extreme to something light and easy for the beginners. Meanwhile, the nutrition and supplements line such as the organic super-food Shakeology, supplements and recovery drinks provide the additional nutrients your body needs to build lean muscle mass fast! Find out the right solution for you based on your fitness goals.

For International Clients:
To my international followers, you can now purchase my recommended products from this website and get coached by me. But first, you should get a Bongo US address for $5 ( and then order through my website and Bongo will take care of the international forwarding. This should makes everything easier!

I’m ready, how do I sign up for you as my free fitness coach?
Make me your fitness coach and you will be taken to the Beachbody website.  I will automatically become your free fitness coach when you sign up.  I will answer all your questions and keep you motivated as you are TRANSFORMING your physique!


~ Nick Husin,  3x Elite Team Beachbody Coach & P90X® Certified
Overall Champion Men’s Physique Mr Muscle Beach 2014



statue_imgOPTION 2: Online Coaching

For individuals looking for NON-Beachbody customized meal and workout plans, along with suggestions of supplements, online fitness coaching is available for purchase. I work with clients to develop an understanding of their health and fitness goals, and then develop a plan customized to fit their lifestyles and achieve their desired results.

What to expect from Online Coaching:

  1. Weekly Skype / Video Conference to work on proper workout forms
  2. 4 Weeks Workout Plan
  3. Recommendation Diet Plan
  4. Support via Email and Phone

Rate starting from $150 for minimum 4 weeks online coaching. As of right now, I am limiting myself for only 4 clients per month. If you’re interested, contact me immediately.


coaching_someoneOPTION 3: 1-on-1 Personal Training

Available for those who live in Los Angeles, in the proximity of :
Beverly Hills 
West Hollywood 
Santa Monica – beach workout

My method of training is based on calisthenics, and not so much into power lifting or bodybuilding — ideal those who are looking to sculpt your body without focusing too much on mass gain. I have access to gym in my apartment building, or can train at your home. If you’re looking more into overall health and performance, I’d recommend that we workout at Santa Monica Muscle Beach, and use the outdoor gymnastics equipment.

However, every 1-on-1 training is unique to the individual’s need, so if you’re interested, contact me immediately to see if this  is the best solution that would work for both of us. If not, I can always recommend the right trainers that is best suited for your needs.


fitness coach

With Special access to my monthly challenge groups