To Workout or Not Workout. That is the Question

We’ve all had mornings like this. You wake up, feeling under the weather and just not quite yourself. But at the same time, you’ve got a workout to do (whether you’re training for a triathlon or doing P90X or Body Beast or whatever), so you then have to ask yourself: is working out the right thing to do, or would it be better to take a rest day?

The short answer is this: it all depends on whether you think you’re really coming down with something, or if you’re just feeling kind of crappy. If you think it’s the latter — you’re tired, sore, have tight muscles, feeling lethargic, there are a few things you can do.

My warm up routine before intense workout…. especially before the beach workout

1) Take a hot shower to help loosen up your tight muscles. Or, do what I do and take a couple of aspirin or the ibuprofen of your choice (if those don’t cause you any issues)– they’ll help with inflammation and soreness.

Loosen your muscles before workout might just help you

2) Then go to the gym (be it at home or elsewhere) and do a brisk walk on the treadmill (or just walk quickly around the block a couple of times).

3) If you have a foam roller, use it, and see if that helps in working out any muscle knots you might have.

Then, after a good 30 minutes of warm up, ask yourself: Do I still feel crappy? If so, call it a day and go home. If you’re feeling better, it’s time to hit it hard and workout. (And then, after your workout, if you’re lucky enough to have access to a steam room or sauna…use it. And if not, take the time for a good stretch after your workout, have a long shower and rehydrate rehydrate rehydrate!) Most of the time, following these steps can get rid of a case of the “cruds” and help keep you from getting actually sick. Before you know it, you will end up doing an intense sweaty workout 🙂

Did my usual 15 min warm-up routine and ended up doing great Body Beast Leg workout.

But if you’re pretty sure you’re coming down with something like the flu? Check out a couple of things. Are you running a fever? Is your throat sore (that’s usually one of the first spot to be attacked by a flu/cold bug). If that’s the case, you can follow the steps above (if and only if you’re even feeling up to that), or take a rest day and take care of yourself. Drink lots of fluids, healthy foods – soup, Shakeology or some other superfood shake — and get lots of rest. Of course, my secret weapon to fighting cold/flu within 24 hours has always been

And don’t worry about it — your weights and workouts will be waiting for you when you feel better.