Summer Beach Body Challenge Starts This Week! My 11th Round of P90X Hybrid Routine

As you already know, the Summer Beach Body Challenge starts on 4/4/11, which means that we have 90 days till July 4th – that is enough time to complete 1 round of P90X, RevAbs, TurboFire and even starts with 60-Day Insanity program on 5/2/11.

For this round, I am going to do a similar hybrid routine that I created earlier this year, which you could check by clicking here. Basically, I will be doing P90X and stack the routine with bench press, back squat and other traditional gym weight lifting routine. Keep in mind that I do not sub pushup and pullup with bench press or lat pulldown, but I just add one separate day when I do all the heavy lifting. Here is the calendar for the Week 1-4. Unlike the traditional P90X Recovery Week, I decided to change it into a pure mass lifting program, but only doing heavy lifting 3x per week.

[box]If you’re doing P90X, and have only been working out at high intensity for less than a year, DO NOT ATTEMPT my modification Week 4, and stick with the classic P90X Recovery Week. Failure to do so will result in over-trained and slow down your progress[/box]


Phase 1 Workout: Click to view larger

And of course, P90X Chest & Back will be done with 30 lbs weight vest. Few months ago, I purchased a MIR weight vest (half vest) and I like it a lot since the weights are located only on the upper body area. When you do pushup and pullup, you will engage more on the chest and back muscles, without having the some of the weights flopping around your belly.

Check out my accountability video for Week 1 for P90X Chest/Back.


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