P90X Chest/Back Week 2 Round 11 Accountability

Last week, I showed you the clips for the chest workout part. So this week, it only make sense to show you what I did for the back portion of the workout.

On the video, I am showing the chin up portion and lawnmower (or what I did in the video is more towards 1 arm dumbbell row since I was focusing more on isolation). For the chin up with 30 lbs weight vest, I did 10 good pull, and 10 sloppy pull to make a total of 20 pull. For the lawnmower, that was the first time that I attempted to lift 100 lbs dumbbells with 8 reps. (Remember guys, if your goal is lean mass, you need to lift heavy around 7-9 reps!)

A big thank you shoutout to Jason the Great Puckhead Diebold for shooting the video and his funny commentary.