Joint Pain Due To Exercise

I may be only 28 years old, but with all the abuse and bad workout form I inflicted upon myself during my earlier years of working out, I do suffer, from time to time, severe pain in my elbows, shoulders, and of course, my knees. Like most newbies, when I first started working out, my ego was big. It is inevitable that during during my college years when I worked out with  friends who played varsity HS sports or even intermural college, that I would push myself to keep up with them. When they were benching 125 lbs, I was pushing myself to bench just as much. When they jumped high, I wanted to jump higher.

Of course back then, being in my early 20s, I recovered much faster than I do now. But bad habits are sometimes hard to get rid of, so even today sometimes my form isnt the best, or I might do a great workout, but the way I start and then drop my weights isn’t as well done as it should be.

For example on a dumbbell tricep raise.  Usually, I lift around 100 lbs for this routine. But at almost 2/3 of my own body weight, trying to get it into the right postion can be a workout itself. The worst part though is after I am done with my set.   I like to go until failure at around 8 reps, but by then with muscle fatigue, it is tough to put down the weights properly on the floor. (Dropping weights on the floor is a BIG NO NO, at any gym, or even in your own home). So a couple of times in the process of doing so, I have sprained my wrist and elbow. Of course, I don’t usually feel it right away, but the aching will start appearing the next day.

On other occasions, joint pain on my elbow can be due to lifting too heavy, doing something too intense (like long hours at the beach workout), or just not eating enough. Whatever the reason is, like anyone else, despite my years of experience, I have joint problems as well.

joint support formulaSo what are my remedies for joint pain, while still pushing hard on my workouts?

1. Ibuprofen – This usually works like a charm and over-the-counter brand works just fine and best (at least for me) if taken before my workout. However, I do not recommend that you abuse this (or any other drug) and only take it when necessary. I’m not a medical expert and I’m not prescribing ibuprofen here. So if your issue is severe, it is wise to seek a physician specialized in sports injury.

2. Proper warm up + Icy Hot roller – somehow this helps with warming up the area and speeding up the blood circulation on the area. I do recommend use the Icy Hot roller around 30 min before workout, and do proper warm up on the problem area for at least 10 min before doing any workout.

3. Take Joint Support Formula – For the past few months, I have been taken this pills and it has worked wonders for me! Although the directions say  to take 2 capsules twice a day, I usually just take it just once a day, since my case isn’t that bad.

Hope all this information helps you with your problem. If you have any successful remedies for joint paint, feel free to share below in the comment section.