Who DOESN’T Want Great Abs?

It’s a hot summer day. You’re at the beach. There you’ll notice there are two kind of fit guys – the ones who are beefy and muscular, and the others who are ripped, with great muscle definition, and perhaps most importantly (at least looks-wise)…amazing chiseled abs.

Which of these two do you find most impressive? Which one do you aspire to be?

Whichever one you decide, I suspect the majority of people out there think the guys with the great abs are the most impressive. Not only do abs and a strong core show a lot about someone’s overall general physical shape, they tend to the be what most guys aspire to when they first start working out.

Let’s face it – big muscles are great to look at, but most really beefy muscle guys can’t handle a 25 foot rope climb or do any agility moves. It’s the guys with the great abs and great core strength that have strength, stamina and endurance – and you know have the ability to be wild men in the bedroom… 😉

So…what does a guy have to go to get his abs show? (Not to say that women can’t have abs also, but for them, it usually isn’t a priority…)

Two things you need to work on:

1. You need to get your bf percentage down, at least below 10%.
2. You need to work on your abdominus muscles.

If you put into effort at both of these, I can almost guarantee that not only will you have the six-pack of your dreams, but it will pop out so strong that anyone who sees it will want to do their laundry on your washboard abs.

Lowering Body Fat

The first and most crucial step to getting your abs to pop is to get that body fat percentage down. For men in particular, excess bf tends to accumulate around your abdominal area, so even if you do have great ab muscles, they won’t show if you have a layer or two of fat covering them up. Imagine, if you will, someone like me wearing three or four layers of shirts (of course, I know it’s hard to imagine me even wearing a shirt!) – there’s no way you’d be able to see my abs, no matter how tight the shirts were to my skin.

So…how to lower bodyfat? Think about it like this: fat is distributed all around your body, with higher density around your abdominal region. So the only way to reduce fat around your stomach is to lower your overall bodyfat. (In other words, spot reducing of any kind just doesn’t work. More crunches and situps, while they’ll work your core, won’t reduce the fat around the area.)

The strongest tools in your arsenal? Synergistic/compound workouts that work on your total body. Cardio, especially HIIT cardio (core cardio workouts like those in Insanity and P90X will definitely do the trick). And of course, watch your diet. As they say, abs are made in the kitchen.

Abdominus Muscles

It’s simple. In order to get big guns, you need to do tons of heavy curls. To make your tricep’s stand out, you need to the same thing, well tricep extension/skullcrusher etc.

Your abs are just like any other muscle group. In order to make them pop, you need to work them, adding stress to the muscle to stimulate growth.

But what you don’t want to do (and I see lots of beginners making this mistake) is work them every day – abs should be treated like any other muscle. You don’t do curls every day do you?

Want to see my favorite ab routine? Click here to view the details. Do this routine no more than two times a week. It’s an intense core workout that’s guaranteed to make your abs sore for days.

Of course, if you’re doing P90X, you should be doing ARX three times a week anyways. While doing it, focus on engaging your core and on less body swinging. Proper sit ups are done by using your core muscles to pull your body up and closer to your legs – swinging your body in the crunch movement just doesn’t cut it.

Focus on these two things, eat right, and you’ll have better abs before you know it.

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