Five Tips to REALLY Develop Your Chest

I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately (especially after I posted this picture after my last chest workout – about how to really bring out one’s chest and get those pecs to grow. So…here’s five tips, five of my favorite ways to fully work your chest muscles.

develop your chestLike most of the large muscle groups, when I go into my workout, I concentrate on going hard and heavy at the beginning, and then finish off by pumping as much blood into the chest as possible using controlled high reps either by just doing pushups, or chest flies.

Tip #1: Once I’m warmed up, I load up the weight and go as heavy as possible, going slow on the way down, then explode up. Consider doing a count: 3-4 down, 1 up.

Tip #2: Using good form is extremely important to me – and it should be to you as well. Only when I know that my form is absolutely spot-on do I allow myself to up my weights. If your form is off and whack and you don’t (or can’t) bring the barbell down enough to just barely touch your chest (or if you’re using dumbbells, if you can’t bring them all the way down so your elbows are parallel to the floor), you’re going to heavy and you won’t get the results you’re looking for. Lighten your load until you can do 8 reps with perfect form and THEN you can go ahead and up the weight. I’m not a big fan of bouncing the weights off the chest as it is somewhat cheating and can be dangerous if you’re lifting too heavy. So to prevent the bouncing, you can stop just about 1 inch off the chest, and this can be harder sometimes.

Tip #3: Again, and I can’t emphasize this enough: Form over weight! Don’t cheat yourself. It’s better to do one perfect rep all the way up and then all the way down then to do a series of half reps. Check your ego at the door.

Tip #4: And speaking of checking your ego at the door: when you’re at the gym, nobody really cares how much you can bench so stop trying to impress somebody else. Just do the best YOU can do and get the most out of each and every rep. You’re not trying to impress anyone at the gym, and if that is your intention, bad form can be a turn-off.

Tip #5: After going heavy during the first half of my workout, during the second half I focus on bringing out and really working certain parts of my chest by going lighter weight with higher reps in order to pump as much blood into the muscle as possible. Here are 2 examples you can do:

a) 2 Twitch Slow Motion Pushups – this is actually from the P90X chest routine. You do 2 pushups with 4 counts down and 4 counts up, and then 2 pushups as fast as you can. Then repeat the cycle. Do as many cycles as you can. On average, Ive been doing around 20-24 total reps, after an intense chest workout.

b) Slow Mo Dips – Since dips bar is accessible in most gyms, you can do real dips by doing 3-4 counts down and 3-4 counts up. Do as many as you can. If you cannot do full dips yet, Id recommend not to do this. On average, I can do >16 dips after an intense chest workout.

Got any questions? Let me know. I’m here to help you get the most out of your workouts.  You can also connect with me on my Beachbody Coach page.

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