First Step to Transforming Your Physique

How should you get started?

First things first – you’ve got to find your inner fire.

What do I mean by that? You’ve got to ask yourself – why do you WANT to workout, and how much effort are you willing to put into it? How much do you want it?

Let’s say for example that you wanted to become a millionaire. It’s something everybody wants, but not everybody is willing to put in the work and effort and sweat and sacrifice necessary to achieve that goal. For some people, for most people actually, the realization is that there are more important things in life, that family, friends, relationships, having a life, are more important than the single-mindedness that’s really necessary to become seriously rich.

The same thing goes with building mass. Why do you want to do it? Deep down, most guys want to look like an old-school (pre-steroid) bodybuilder like Steve Reeves, or like an Olympic gymnast, or like one of the guys you see on the covers of today’s fitness mags. But what they may not think about is for those guys, it’s a full-time job to get a body like that. In fact, it IS their job to get a body like that. And with that, comes hours in the gym every day, strictly regimented diets, etc. Are you willing to devote your life to look like that?

Or do you just want to be in the best shape possible while still maintaining a normal life?

Here’s what drives me. When I was a young skinny kid, I was ridiculed, made fun of, and actually bullied. But because I WAS the weakest and was always getting pushed around, I got fed up with it and decided I wanted to, that I needed to change. Add to that the fact that I am stubborn and so when people told me to keep on dreaming, that I wasn’t going to be able to change my body the way I wanted to, I worked doubly hard just to prove them wrong.

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So figure out your goals, and, even more importantly, the reason why you have those goals. It doesn’t matter if the goal seems shallow (you want to look good in the mirror, for example, or you want to get yourself that six-pack you’ve always wanted), as long as the goal and the motivation behind that goal is strong enough to make you keep going. If you only want to transform your body to get the girls (or the boys), will you stay committed once you have that girlfriend or boyfriend? If your goal is to lose weight or to compete in a fitness/bodybuilding competition of some kind, will you stay motivated after you achieve your goal?

Always remember that it’s not just one goal. You’re life and workout journey should be a series of goals, with motivation behind it to keep you always moving forward.