Everybody Needs Their Form Checked. And That Means You

There’s one thing about living in Southern California, and especially in the West LA area – I’m surrounded by fitness professionals (And wanna-be professionals.)

I used to workout at Gold’s Gym in Venice – home for the guys (and girls) with ridiculous physiques. Of course, I also learned that many of them got those ridiculous physiques through the use of steroids and the like, but there were also many, to be fair, who got results the old fashioned way – through hard work.

Now I’ll admit – there are people who tell me I look great (and on a good day I kind of agree with them) but I always want to keep getting better. I want a stronger well-defined physique like you see on magazine covers, while at the same time being athletic enough to be able to perform in Cirque du Soliel. Reasonable goals, right?

But even though I’ve been a Beachbody Coach for 4 years and have learned a good amount about the ins and outs of working out, I know enough to know that I can’t achieve my goals on my own. I consulted a friend of mine, Martins, a trainer who is ranked 3rd for The Strongman Competition in California.

And it was through him that I learned more than I ever imagined I could learn about proper lifting technique.

I’d always hated doing squats and power clean and jerks, because not only did I never see results, I was always hurting my lower back and knees in the process.

But after working out with Martins, I learned proper technique which made all the difference. Now I can lift heavy without hurting myself, and get a great pump in the process – having him around to show me what I was doing wrong help me to push beyond what I thought were my limits.


Because I was now using proper form, I was able to get in those two additional reps you need after hitting muscle failure – the reps that are what makes muscle grow. And within 8 weeks of training with him, I have gained 8 lbs of good weight (which most of it is on my lower body – no more chicken legs!)

What does all this mean to you?

As a coach, I receive emails from people complaining that they’ve done 2, sometimes even 3 rounds of P90X and aren’t satisfied with the results – that what they’re seeing in the mirror is nothing like the results they see in the infomercials.

Since most of them aren’t in my area and I’ve never worked out with them, I can only assume, based on my experience with other newbies, that it’s a question of (1) form and (2) intensity while working out.

Back when I first started working out, and the results weren’t coming as fast as I wanted to, I remember that I barely broke a sweat while I was lifting. But today, even doing a simple move like a bicep curl, I sweat as much as if I’d just completed a five mile run in Florida in the summertime. High intensity workouts, with an emphasis on perfect form, will get you the results you want – guaranteed.

So keep working on your form and intensity. Find a buddy you can workout with who can push you and call you out when you’re not using proper form, when you’re slacking, and when you’re not giving it everything you can. If you’re moved on to the next level, hire a professional trainer who can give you proper cues and make sure you’re doing everything you need to achieve results while preventing the potential for injuries.

Need a less expensive option? Use your Team Beachbody Coach. Get on Skype, Google Hangout if possible, and use their knowledge to help you perfect your form.

Form and intensity…use them (and a coach or buddy) to get you to where you want to go.

Looking for accountability and support?

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