Doing P90X at the Gym

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have an access to a good and affordable gym, which is why more and more people are resorting to a home workout DVD programs like P90X, Insanity, and many more. But there are some of us who actually love going to the gym, or HAVE to do our workout at a gym because of the living situation. Personally, I have been doing P90X at the gym since my Day 1 of P90X

There are a few reasons why some people prefer not to workout at home:

  1. Living in an old house that the floorboard creaks and everything shakes when you jump around
  2. Living in an apartment complex where it is not sound proof, or if you live on the top floor and have an easily irritated neighbor below you.
  3. You live like a nomad:  you have to move around all the time, ie college students. Therefore, you like to keep your belongings as simple as possible so that you don’t have a lot of stuff to move around. Having a complete set of weights would be a hassle
  4. You live in the West Coast, or Southern California where gym membership is really affordable. My gym membership in LA Fitness Hollywood is only $30/month, with state of the art equipment, flat screen TVs everywhere, basketball & racquetball courts, Jacuzzi, sauna, swimming lap pool, shower and free workout classes including Yoga and Hip Hop Dance. So why wouldn’t you want to have a gym membership?

P90X at the gym

With P90X, you alternate days between doing cardio routine and strength routine. So for the cardio routines, you could do them at home following the DVD, while the strength portion can be done at the gym.


Playing with Technology

If  you travel a lot for work and stay in a hotel with a gym, or if you live in a nice apartment complex that have a decent gym, then you could bring your laptop (or portable DVD player) to the gym with you, play the DVD , and do the workout like normal. Of course, this is only ideal if the gym is somewhat empty and you know that you are not bothering anyone by playing the DVD out loud.

Those who go to a commercial chained gym, bringing your laptop to the gym could be a disaster. If you’re of those tech-savvy guys, you could ripped P90X DVDs and convert them into mp4 format, which you could play on your Iphone or Ipod. That would make everything fairly easy as you could do the workout at the gym, while watching the videos on your tiny screen.

How to ripped the DVDs? Well, that is something that I cannot reveal to you, but you could always google ways to do that or ask someone who is tech-geek to help you.
* It is okay to make electronic backup copies of the DVD for your own personal use, but it is illegal to distribute those copies.


Go Old School

When I first started with P90X, I just graduated from college and started my first job, so I was tight on budget. I cannot afford those fancy Iphones or video Ipod. Also, I did not want to make any commitments by buying expensive dumbbell sets; working out at the gym was the perfect solution for me, and still is.

What I did was, I printed out the workout sheet (click here to download it), reviewed the video quickly BEFORE I went to the gym, wrote down some notes on the workout sheet to describe the workout form and what not. When I went to the gym, I would bring the workout sheet, and the Fitness Guide (which has all the routines description) and I’d just follow the sequence of the routine. If I was unsure about a certain routine, I’d review my notes or even look it up on the Fitness Guide.

On my first week doing the routine at the gym, I did screw up some routines a bit because I wasn’t sure how to do them, but when I went home after the workout, I quickly played the DVD to review  the moves and that’s how I learned from my mistake. By the 2nd week, everything went smoothly.

So, doing P90X at the gym isn’t as hard as you think!


Nick Husin, Independent Team Beachbody Coach

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