Doing Body Beast At The Gym

Body Beast at the GymI have been doing the Body Beast program for the past 3 weeks and I am really enjoying it. But because I’m working from home, I need a way to escape and I’ve found working out at the gym does the trick, and helps me clear my head. And of course, over the last few years, I’ve developed a passion for weight training and bodybuilding (although I’m not, by any means, interested in getting super huge!)

While Body Beast is designed to be done at home, just like any other Beachbody workout program, it still can be done at the gym with some simple tricks. I really believe that in order for you to really maximize the results, you should utilize old school routines like bench press sets, squat racks, etc. In fact, most of the Body Beast routines can be modified so that you can use the old school equipment.

There are few reasons why some people prefer not to workout at home:
  1. Living in an old house where the floorboard creaks and everything shakes when you jump around. Also not the safest place to drop down your weights.
  2. Living in an apartment complex which is not sound-proof, or if you live on the top floor and have an easily irritated neighbor living below you.
  3. You live like a nomad: you move around all the time, i.e. college students. Therefore, you like to keep your belongings as simple as possible so that you don’t have a lot of stuff to move around. Having a complete set of weights would be a hassle.
  4. You live in the West Coast, or Southern California where gym memberships are really affordable. Currently, I go to the original Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, the birthplace of modern bodybuilding. I just think that it makes total sense to do Body Beast there 😉
  5. Doing Body Beast at home would require you to invest in equipment such as dumbbells, an EZ-bar, weight plates, a bench, pull-up bar, and more. While it might be cheaper than getting a gym membership, maybe it’s just better for you to get the gym membership if #3 describes you the best.
  6. With Body Beast, all you do is weight training anyway, so why not use real professional equipment at the gym?


Playing with Technology

If you travel a lot for work and stay in a hotel with a gym, or if you live in a nice apartment complex that has a decent gym, then you can bring your laptop (or portable DVD player) to the gym with you, play the DVD , and do the workout like normal. Of course, this is only ideal if the gym is somewhat empty and you know that you are not bothering anyone by playing the DVD out loud.

But for those of you who go to a commercial chain gym, bringing your laptop to your workout at the gym could be a disaster. If you’re one of those tech-savvy guys, you can rip the DVDs and convert them into mp4 format, which you could play on your Iphone or Ipod. That would make it easy to get your workout in at the gym while watching the videos on your own private tiny screen.

How to rip the DVDs? Well, that is something I cannot reveal to you, but you could always google ways to do that or ask someone who is a tech-geek to help you.

* It is okay to make electronic backup copies of the DVD for your own personal use, but it is illegal to distribute those copies.
Go Old School!

While having technology to help you with the workout is great, it can be a hassle and a hair pulling thing to figure how to convert the DVDs into your portable device. What I do is just print out the workout sheet – you can download it here! Then, about 30 min before I’m about to hit the gym, I play the video and study the movements. Since I’ve  got 8 years of experience in fitness, the routines, rep counts, rest times, sets, etc, it makes sense to me, so it doesn’t take too long to figure things out.

If you’re thinking of doing Body Beast at the gym and subbing some of the movements with old school equipment, feel free to contact me or ask below!

Nick Husin, Independent Team Beachbody Coach
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9 Responses to Doing Body Beast At The Gym

  • It never occurred to me to bring the BB workout to the gym.

    I was able to rip the videos using HandBrake in case anyone is looking for a simple tool that does it.

    Thanks for the inspiration,


    • Thanks for the comment. I found the videos can be distracting sometimes. Ha. I believe it can be very helpful for anyone’s first time doing Body Beast, but since Ive been doing it for 3 years, all I need is the workout sheet 🙂

  • I don’t want to take my whole labtop I just wana copy them to my ipod.

  • yo so how do u get the videos onto your ipod though?

  • Wow great article. I got into bodybuilding with Body Beast, and after reading this article its nice to know that the routines in Body Best are taken seriously / legit.

    Could you do a follow-up article that shows the replacements if we wanted to go to a traditional exercise? For instance, in Bulk Chest, which exercises could we substitue with a barbell instead?


    -Tim Maguire

  • I ripped the workouts to mp4 using a program called Magic DVD Ripper.
    I play the workouts on my iPhone using a Blue Tooth headset.
    Only problem doing the workout in the gym, is that you need to be very selfish and hog 3 sets of waits at a time. I’m always pissing off other people in the gym when I have 3 sets of waits.

    • That is true, and it is hard to find the right weights at certain time. So I usually go to the gym really early in the AM, or in the middle of the day, or at night when it is less crowded.

  • I have a question on doing workouts at a gym by looking at the videos at home first, what if don’t have experience like do I do it ?

    • Id recommend that you spend 30 min or so reviewing the video and study the technique, form, the rest between sets, etc. If you screw up something, then when you get home, study the movement again and you will get it the 2nd time. Else, Im sure you can figure out a way to transfer the videos to your smart phone 🙂