Core Workout Routine: Dips & L Workout

Dips & L is a great upper body and core workout routine, which could be easily done either at home, at the gym, or any outdoor adult jungle gym. If you’re looking to work more on your abs, while building and toning your pecs/tri at the same time, I’d highly recommend incorporating this routine into your current workout. You could do either single, double, triple or quadruple dips & L. For example, when doing double, you need to do 2 dips in a row, and then do 2 Ls in a row.

If you workout from home and do not have a parallel dip bar, all you need is 2 stool/bar chair and you should be set to go. Or else, just use your creativity 😉

If you’re currently doing P90X, Insanity or any other workout, you could do Dips & L right before your upper body day.  It is a great core workout routine.

Check out the video below with Sean Callahan & I doing Quadruple Dips & L at Santa Monica Muscle Beach. And you’re right, that is Tony Horton with his sun hat, counting the reps. Mind you, there are some heavy breathing on the video as we workout really intense at the beach!

Core Workout Routine Video

Hope you enjoyed the core workout routine video.  Here are some ab workouts.



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