Clean Diet? Cheat Meals? How about the No Guilt Cheat Meals

Just past July, I competed in Mr Muscle Beach and managed to get my bf% down to 4% with 29″ waist. However, just few weeks ago, I was travelling in Asia and gorged myself with the amazing but yet cheap food during my vacation. And of course, since it was a vacation, I didnt have time to workout for that 2 weeks of travelling.

When Im back in the states, I was close to 10% bodyfat and have gained my waist back to above 31″. Now dont get me wrong, Im sure that most guys would be ecstatic to get into this shape, but as a role model in the fitness world (and the fact that I was looking at my very best few weeks before hand), I want to get back to where I was, or at least maintain the ripped 6% bodyfat look.


Happy to Bulk Up!

The past 3 weeks, Ive been pushing hard with my workout. I got my strength back, pre-cutting stage, and I’m bulking up, while leaning down fairly fast. The past 3 weeks, I have lost 3% bodyfat with 1 1/8″ off my waist. My diet hasnt been exactly clean (since Im not interested to get down to 5% again), and Id say that it’s 5/7 clean, but whats the big secret?

Here’s the deal. I bench over 200 lbs on flat and incline bench (275 lbs on decline). I squat deep that my butt are about 1 ft off the floor with thighs parallel to the ground, with over 200 lbs. I deadlift over 300 lbs, with impeccable form (no bragging here; master trainers told me that my DL form is perfect). I can DB shoulder press my OWN bodyweight with 7-8 reps (thats 80 lbs each arm).

When you push hard and increase the intensity of your workout, you will get results. The “growth” part usually happens on the final 1-2 reps. But how many people quit at 80% intensity? They can do 1-2 reps extra, but they’re complacent and quit.

So, is clean diet really THAT important with your progress?

The answer is YES and NO; it all depends on where you are currently with your fitness level. If you have solid muscle definition and strength, then cheat meals here and there will work more towards your advantage. However, if you’re new with your fitness journey, Id say eat clean for 30 days and re-evaluate your situation.

The Thanks Giving Scenario…..

Imagine if you’re a guy at the top of physical shape, (say around 7-8%), or if you’re a lady who is around (12-16%) at the Thanks Giving dinner table. The food is just amazing and just for 1 day, you decided to ‘pig-out’ and eat as much as you can, without the care of the world.

What do you think will happen to you the next day?

I’ve experienced this the last Thanks Giving, that I woke up being 2 lbs heavier….. except my skinfold bodyfat measurements showed that Ive lost 1% of bodyfat with my waist shrank by 1/8″. Is that even possible?

Like I mentioned before, CHEAT meals can be very advantageous for you, if you’re already in great shape! Read more about cheat meals and Fat Loss:

Here’s my proposal for you…. Thanks Giving is about 3 months away, which is plenty of time for you to be in great shape that you can pull off the No Guilt ThanksGiving. If you’re like many people, you’ve probably started a fitness/workout regimen multiple times, but always quit halfway to your challenge. What if we work together as a team?

No Guilt Thanks Giving Challenge

1. It is a 90 day challenge
2. You do everything at home, on your time and your schedule. No in-person meetings or group workouts.
3. You will follow the workout plan that I assign for you.
4. Group interaction is all done on Facebook DAILY, so you can post along with the team each day. You will be placed in a secret group so only the members can view the content. DISCRETION IS AT MY HIGHEST PRIORITY.
5. Other than working out physically, you do need to work on the OTHER 70% of your results, which is the diet part. You will learn about eating healthy and properly for muscle building. Posting your diet on the group is highly recommended for feedback, which will educate you on proper diet. For this challenge, you will eat like someone who is prepping for a physique competition. That means you will need to hit the macro-nutrients to the tee, and spend 2-3 hours on a weekend to prep your meals for 5-6 days. Look at the photo below.
6. I will mentor and give you support on the group. You will hear personally from me if I do not see your posts on daily basis.
7. Be a teamplayer and help your team to get the best results.


My meals for 6 days, while I was prepping for Mr Muscle Beach 2014

If you think you have what it takes, then please fill in the questionnaire here:

Looking forward to hearing from you!