Add Lean Muscle Mass The Right Way

Adding Lean Muscle Mass - Nick Husin Before attempting to add any lean muscle mass to your body frame, you’d need to first determine your body type and body frame. There are 3 main body types:

Ectomorph : tall and thin, with a narrow body, thin arms and legs, little body fat and wiry muscles
Mesomorph : strongly built, with a broad muscular chest and shoulders, very muscular arms and legs, and little body fat
Endomorph : generally stocky, with a large round body, a short thick neck, short arms and legs, and with a tendency to store body fat

In order to gain muscle size, there are two things that have to be achieved: a) you have to provide enough stress to your muscles so that they are forced to adapt to the stress, and b) you have to provide the essential nutrients to your body so that your muscles can grow. For part (a), know that if you only have 10 lbs dumbbells, then your arms will only grow enough so that they can lift that much weight. And curling 10 lbs at 50 reps doesn’t count. And as for part (b), look to nature: crops flourish with the proper amounts of water, sun, and of course nutrient rich soil.

To achieve this you have several options. You can go to the gym and start your own lifting regimen routine, or you can online or read fitness magazines and try out the newest and trendiest workout plans. But to get the optimal results, it is best to follow a proven workout program that has numerous success stories to back it up. The program should be well thought out and organized, so that you’re hitting every major muscle group consistently, and with the kind of exercises designed to give you the results you’re looking for.

There are only 2 workouts that I’d recommend that are guaranteed to help you to gain that lean muscle mass while staying ripped all year round and those are P90X and Body Beast.


→ Will get you that ripped Olympian gymnasts’ look all year round
→ Ideal workout for those who have love a combination of cardio and strength training; as well as for those who needs to burn body fat and build lean muscle mass at the same time.
→ Works on overall health and fitness level with improving strength, endurance, and flexibility
→ Need only basic equipment like dumbbells and pullup bar
→ Involves too much cardio, 3x per week that can be detrimental for maximum muscle growth
→ Not the ideal workout for ectomorphs unless you’re willing to modify the program. Check out the modification for mass gaining with P90X.
→ While Yoga is great, not many guys have the patience to do 60-90 minutes Yoga once a week, so many ended up skipping it

Learn more about P90X and watch the preview of the video.

Body Beast

→ The most effective workout for mass building
→ Ideal for those who are in the ectomorph category
→ Pure weight training program, with very minimal cardio, thus making it ideal for lifters
→ Not the best workout to get lean, if you’re overweight
→ Requires more equipment that can be pricey. But can opt out to do the workout at the gym with simple guidelines.

Learn more about Body Beast and watch the preview video.

To summarize:

If you’re >30 lbs overweight and/or >15% bodyfat, the best program for you is P90X since you will be working on the overall fitness and performance. And if you’re in the right weight group or underweight, Body Beast is best suited for you.

Still unsure on which program to choose? Then, please contact me.


→ Your muscles will grow as big as you’re lifting. I do recommend getting an adjustable dumbbells set that goes up to 50 lbs to start with.
→ Proper nutrition and timing are crucial for optimal muscle growth. You need supplements to provide your body with the correct ratio of nutrients at the right time.

A great way to add lean muscle is to do a program like Body Beast, which you can buy from my website and when you do, I will coach you for free.

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