Extreme Abs Gym Workout 2

Since over a year ago, I have been doing a special 1 hr long abs routine to replace Kenpo X. I have nothing against Kenpo, which I think is a great core-cardio routine, but I wanted something that would help me more with my core strength for gymnastics. Be warned that this routine is not for beginners.

I cannot take credit for all the routines on the video as I did not create most of them. Some of the moves are from Tony Horton’s beach workout, but I did learn a big chunk of the routine from the former Men’s Health Fitness Model, Christopher Robert Smith. It was a big privilege to workout and learn from him.

The workout is consists of 3 abs sequences – lower, obliques and upper abs. Ideally, you would only want to do this workout 1x per week as it could be very taxing on your spine and lower back when not done properly. Also, I would highly recommend that you switch around the sequence. For example, if you start with lower abs on Week 1, you should start with obliques on Week 2, etc. I usually do not focus much on upper abs as that is the easiest abs to get since any core strength routine involves in upper abs, but lack in lower or obliques.

Do each routine in this abs workout for 2 sets, and around 10-20 reps each. Take small break around 30-60 sec between each sets. The faster you go, the harder it will be and more sloppy you will be. So, if needed, take longer break, but not too long.

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The Routine

Lower Abs

1)      Hanging Leg Raise: hang on a pullup bar and raise both feet up to touch the bar. Make sure that your legs are straight and no bending on the knee. Try not to swing too much and keep your upper body solid.

2)      Single, Double, Triple, or more Leg L:  lock the arms straight at the top, lift the legs up above the bars, open and close over the bars, bring the legs down and repeat. Again, keep both legs straight.

3)      Decline Bench Fast Leg Push: this will require a spotter. Again, keep both legs straight and make sure the spotter push down by your ankle, and not your toes. Ideally, you want to keep your legs parallel to the ground at all time, and it’s the spotter’s job to push them down. Do not swing your legs!

4)      Extreme Leg Raise w Elbow Rest : just like Hanging Leg Raise, but this time, with elbows rested. Bring your feet up as high as you can.


1)      Windshield Wiper: this is an extreme routine and only those who have mastered the hanging leg raise could do this. My advice is to lock your arms and keep your torso tight.

2)      45 lbs plate standing side crunch: place 1 hand on your side abs and when your lift up the plate, make sure that you’re using the opposite side abs muscle to lift the plate and your whole body. Form is everything here. Repeat on the other side right away before hitting the 2nd set.

3)      Bench Windshield Wiper: this is an easier version of windshield wiper. If you can do this with your legs 90 degrees off your torso, you should have no problem doing the advance windshield wiper.

4)      Side Crunch on Back Extension Bench: this routine is almost similar to a bicycle crunch. When you crunch, make an explosive movement and bring down your leg and torso slowly. I like to place 1 hand on the obliques so that I can ensure that I use pure obliques strength to pull my body and legs up. Repeat on the other side right away before hitting the 2nd set.

5)      Oblique Swing with Bar: this could be very easy or extremely hard depending on your form. When you swing, you do want to do an explosive move, and use your obliques to stop the swinging momentum. Keep your torso straight and keep your eyes facing front (to the mirror) at all time. Bend over your knee and make a position close to squat or chair pose in Yoga. When you do this routine properly, you will feel extreme pain and sore on your oblique instantly.

6)      Baseball swing on cable Machine: Lock your elbows and shoulder. Use purely your obliques to pull the cable down. Don’t let your ego get the best of you – start light. Do an explosive swing, but bring back the cable slowly in a controlled motion. Repeat on the other side right away before hitting the 2nd set.

Upper/Overall Abs

1)      Decline Bench Full Range Sit- ups: Bring your elbow touching your knee and bring your body down as low as you can.

2)      Abs Roller: The lower you go, the more you feel it on your abs. Abs Roller can be purchased from Target, or any sports store for $10-15. This routine could be very taxing on your lower back if you go too low or if you have back issue to begin with.

3)      Random Crunch High- Reach: You will need a spotter here. Make sure that your legs are not touching the spotter legs. I would recommend doing 30 reps for this and make the spotter do random height to challenge you more.


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