Body Image and Reality: What IS Fit?

With most of us being exposed on a regular basis to photos of professional sports athletes, it’s probably not surprising that we have a different, and somewhat misleading, perception on what is a healthy weight range. How can we not, when we see NFL players like Reggie Bush who is 6′ tall at 205 lbs, or even the former MMA fighter, Matt Hughes at 5’9 but weighing 170 lbs. They serve as role models for people trying to get in shape, so most people think that they’re at the target weight that they need to aim for. But what most people don’t realize is that these athletes are not only in top shape muscle-wise, but have a body-fat ratio that is largely unrealistic for the… Read more

Everybody Needs Their Form Checked. And That Means You

There’s one thing about living in Southern California, and especially in the West LA area – I’m surrounded by fitness professionals (And wanna-be professionals.) I used to workout at Gold’s Gym in Venice – home for the guys (and girls) with ridiculous physiques. Of course, I also learned that many of them got those ridiculous physiques through the use of steroids and the like, but there were also many, to be fair, who got results the old fashioned way – through hard work. Now I’ll admit – there are people who tell me I look great (and on a good day I kind of agree with them) but I always want to keep getting better. I want a stronger well-defined physique like you see on… Read more

Join My Apprentice Group: Help Others and Be Financially Fit!

My teammates and I have increased our income, paid off debt, provided for our families, etc., in a bad economy, while doing something very fulfilling; helping people get healthy & fit, while working on our own fitness goals. This may or may not work for you, and you may be happy with your career, your job, or your financial situation. But, if you or someone you know could use extra income, or fulfillment in their work, I recommend taking a look at what coaching is and what it can do for you. GOOD NEWS! I’ll be starting my next internship group in ONE week! You’ll have full access to me and I’ll train you on how I created a 6 figure income in 2 years… Read more

It’s all about the Diet!

Perhaps you’ve heard that the creator of P90X, Tony Horton, coined this phrase “Abs are made in the kitchen”. Also, perhaps you’ve seen many posts by fitness professional making it clear that 80% of results come from diet, while only 20% comes from workouts + hardwork. (Of course, none of those percentages are written in stone. Your mileage may vary). Regardless whether you are working out or not, proper nutrition will get you to your ideal weight. You might not have the muscle tone that you want, but it will get you that flat stomach for sure. Meanwhile, for those of you who are actually working out, those chiseled abs you’re working so hard to achieve will only make their appearance when your diet is… Read more

Be the Beast ! Train like one and be like one

This week, I started my Body Beast transformation journey again – my 4th round doing this workout program. My goal is to hit past the 170 lbs mark – so far my heaviest weight is at 165 lbs while still maintaining a single digit bf%. I believe that using what I’ve learned the past 3 rounds and by working closely with my trainer that I can maximize my results this time around. Of course, it doesnt hurt that I also have a great online accountability buddy – Doug Fitzgerald. We’re both committed to compete in the 2014 Beast Classic in Vegas, which will be our 1st physique competition. Working on the Front Deltoids Of course, nutrition is a big factor for any transformation — just… Read more

Why I Really and Truly Love Shakeology

One question that I get more than almost any other is this: Do you really honestly and truly drink Shakeology? And the real, honest and true answer is YES! I’ve been drinking Shakeology religiously (well daily at any rate) since 2009. And I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be where I am today without. Why is that? Here are my top 5 basic reasons: 1. It gives a boost to my immune system. On my own, I’m a pretty sickly guy who comes down with something on average three to four times a year. Before Shakeology, if someone anywhere near me had the flu, I was guaranteed to get it myself. But since I started drinking Shakeology, I can say that I might get… Read more

MIA for 2013? But ready for 2014! Body Beast Classic Competition

About 40 days ago, I posted on my Facebook page that I planned to compete in my 1st physique competition in the Beast Classic during Beachbody Coach Summit 2013. My friends and teammates were excited about the news and were looking forward to seeing me on stage last Wednesday night when the competition took place, but…. WHERE WAS I? Most of you who have been following my progress the past few years know about my past – I wasn’t born ripped or athletic. In fact, I was ridiculed and bullied most of the time I was growing up, so I always had to deal with low self-esteem. And even today, from time to time, I still doubt my abilities. That skinny, shy, and low self-esteem… Read more

Who DOESN’T Want Great Abs?

It’s a hot summer day. You’re at the beach. There you’ll notice there are two kind of fit guys – the ones who are beefy and muscular, and the others who are ripped, with great muscle definition, and perhaps most importantly (at least looks-wise)…amazing chiseled abs. Which of these two do you find most impressive? Which one do you aspire to be? Whichever one you decide, I suspect the majority of people out there think the guys with the great abs are the most impressive. Not only do abs and a strong core show a lot about someone’s overall general physical shape, they tend to the be what most guys aspire to when they first start working out. Let’s face it – big muscles are… Read more

To Workout or Not Workout. That is the Question

We’ve all had mornings like this. You wake up, feeling under the weather and just not quite yourself. But at the same time, you’ve got a workout to do (whether you’re training for a triathlon or doing P90X or Body Beast or whatever), so you then have to ask yourself: is working out the right thing to do, or would it be better to take a rest day? The short answer is this: it all depends on whether you think you’re really coming down with something, or if you’re just feeling kind of crappy. If you think it’s the latter — you’re tired, sore, have tight muscles, feeling lethargic, there are a few things you can do. My warm up routine before intense workout…. especially… Read more

How Important is Proper (and expensive) Equipment?

To Add Lean Muscle Mass that is….. Some people are just born lucky with good genes. All they have to do is run, do some pushups and pullups, and they have the most amazing body imaginable. Actor Paul (Fast and Furious) Walker is a great example of someone who only has to do martial arts and surf to keep his body looking great. True story. A few years ago, I got into carpentry as a hobby, and tried to build myself a cabinet using nothing but basic tools like a hammer, saw, nails, etc. It worked, but…I then decided to invest in powertools, and it made a big different. The quality of the work was better and more precise, and my time was used more… Read more