Body Beast Bulk Shoulder Workout & Review

For most of us, our shoulders are the most moveable but unstable joint in our bodies. This is often because working your shoulders can be difficult to target, leading many to overworking their arms. The Body Beast Bulk Shoulders workout uses tested exercises to sculpt your shoulders and create prevailing results. Strong shoulders are the foundation of your back and arm muscles, and can create a lean, mean, powerful upper body. And more. Warm Up The Body Beast Bulk Shoulder workout begins with a 2:50 minute warm up. The warm up is especially important in our shoulders as the muscles are so consistently neglected. Kalev, the creator of Body Beast, begins the warm up with a jog to increase your heart rate. The jog is… Read more

Body Beast Bulk Arm Workout & Review

The reward from building arm muscles can be more noticeable than any other muscle group. You are able to lift more, throw harder, not to mention the curb appeal in a tight t-shirt. Many of our journeys with Body Beast Bulk Arms begin with wanting stronger and more defined arms. The exercises that Sagi Kalev developed were designed to give you stronger arms than you have ever had before. His challenging sets will burn and destroy your arm muscles to sculpt the BEAST arms that you have always wanted. The Warm-Up The warm-up is 2:24 minutes long of pure heat building intensity. You start by increasing your heart rate with a light jog. Kalev then prepares your arm muscles for intense exercises with arm circles,… Read more

Body Beast Supplements & Review

No one got a chiseled figure by a vigorous workout routine alone. Creating the body of your dreams requires that you feed your body the nutrition to build muscle and endurance.  To help you sculpt the body that Body Beast Bulk workouts have the potential to create, Beachbody provides powerful supplements for pre, during, and post workout. Fuel Shot Supplement Your body’s energy level is the gasoline of your workout. The fuel shot supplement is designed to help maximize your performance by providing you with a surge of energy. The supplement works as the energy-promoting nutrients instantly enter your blood stream for anabolic support. The energy boost can help you go strong throughout your entire Body Beast workout. After your Body Beast workout is complete,… Read more

Body Beast Bulk Chest Workout & Review

Body Beast Bulk Chest is one of Beachbody’s newest weight lifting programs. The strengthening program was developed by bodybuilding champion, Sagi Kalev, and uses functional exercises to get results. Kalev’s chest workout is a powerful set of strength conditioning, designed to build muscle and burn fat in only 30 minutes. The following exercises are used in the Body Beast Bulk Chest workout: The Warm-Up Kalev warms up the class with basic arm circles, light cardio and three different types of push-ups. The moves are designed to increase your heart rate and blood flow to your muscles. After your body has been warmed then you are ready for the more intense moves. Incline Fly / Incline Press (Superset) The super set is a series of two… Read more

Clean Diet? Cheat Meals? How about the No Guilt Cheat Meals

Just past July, I competed in Mr Muscle Beach and managed to get my bf% down to 4% with 29″ waist. However, just few weeks ago, I was travelling in Asia and gorged myself with the amazing but yet cheap food during my vacation. And of course, since it was a vacation, I didnt have time to workout for that 2 weeks of travelling. When Im back in the states, I was close to 10% bodyfat and have gained my waist back to above 31″. Now dont get me wrong, Im sure that most guys would be ecstatic to get into this shape, but as a role model in the fitness world (and the fact that I was looking at my very best few weeks… Read more

Never, Never, Never Give Up!

If at first you don’t succeed, then try and try again….. That is the saying that has been echoing in my head over the last few weeks, since I returned from Beachbody Coach Summit 2014. The main theme of that event is #NeverGiveUp – just to show that there will always be obstacles in our path but if we endure and persevere, then we will be successful. Around 2 weeks ago, I competed in my first fitness competition at the Beachbody Physique Classic. It was a surreal experience when it was announced that I had taken 2nd place for Men’s Physique. However, I would be lying if told you I wasn’t disappointed — I wanted first. . Don’t get me wrong, I was ecstatic to… Read more

My Journey, The Physique, And The Competition

Hump Day is known to be a day of jokes, but not for me, at least not for today. As I walked to the gym this morning, I was reflecting how far I have come on my journey from when I was first introduced to working out just over 10 years ago by my roommate Suffian. As a 105-pound-soaking-wet college freshman I stepped into a gym for the very first time… and I left within 10 minutes feeling completely out of place and intimidated by a bunch of college jocks. 18 year old scrawny Nick Fast forward to today – I have worked to transform myself and become known in the Beachbody community as the “Scrawny to Brawny” guy or “Ripped Like Nick” and find… Read more

Turn Your Struggles Into Personal Victories

This year, I will be turning 30 years old and I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that the thought of turning old didn’t scare me just a bit. When I turned 20, I thought that I was invincible and that my future was bright with endless possibilities and adventures. But as I am approaching the big 3 – 0, I feel like there are still things that I am not satisfied with in my life. I have had asthma since I was a kid; it went away when I was in my teens, only to come back again in college because I wasn’t taking care of myself all that well, living by myself in the dorms. Over the past few years, my asthma… Read more

Body Image and Reality: What IS Fit?

With most of us being exposed on a regular basis to photos of professional sports athletes, it’s probably not surprising that we have a different, and somewhat misleading, perception on what is a healthy weight range. How can we not, when we see NFL players like Reggie Bush who is 6′ tall at 205 lbs, or even the former MMA fighter, Matt Hughes at 5’9 but weighing 170 lbs. They serve as role models for people trying to get in shape, so most people think that they’re at the target weight that they need to aim for. But what most people don’t realize is that these athletes are not only in top shape muscle-wise, but have a body-fat ratio that is largely unrealistic for the… Read more

Everybody Needs Their Form Checked. And That Means You

There’s one thing about living in Southern California, and especially in the West LA area – I’m surrounded by fitness professionals (And wanna-be professionals.) I used to workout at Gold’s Gym in Venice – home for the guys (and girls) with ridiculous physiques. Of course, I also learned that many of them got those ridiculous physiques through the use of steroids and the like, but there were also many, to be fair, who got results the old fashioned way – through hard work. Now I’ll admit – there are people who tell me I look great (and on a good day I kind of agree with them) but I always want to keep getting better. I want a stronger well-defined physique like you see on… Read more