The Meal Prep Hack – Meat Potato Vegetable Skillet

If you are serious about getting your results, then you need to meal prep. It does make a HUGE difference when you see 20+ containers in your fridge, labeled for each meal of the week. That way, you will less likely to make excuses to skip meals or opting to eat out due to time constraint. The least appealing part about meal prepping is that you could easily spend anywhere from 3-5 hours, usually on a weekend, to prepare your meals for the week. While some people do enjoy cooking, many of us, including myself, dislike cooking and would rather spend that time doing fun activities. The tastier and more interesting the meal is, the more time it will take to prep. Buying fresh vegetables,… Read more

Mold Detox & Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Signs of malnutrition: Allergies and inflammation can reduce nutrient absorption, which is why I couldn’t gain back the weight that I lost from major flu few months back. Normally, I am 170 lbs during the off season. My #1 source is scholarly journals/scientific studies to back up a theory; if I could not find anything, then my #2 source is websites with reputable reputation, written by real professionals in the health field. My #3 and final source is reputable sites but only for citing something that is more general and widely acceptable. My detox diet is not perfect and I’m sure there are some improvements can be made. If you have any feedback, concerns, questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly as I’d… Read more

Take Back Your New Year Resolution!

We all begin the year with the best of intentions. But usually, by the 3rd week of the year, most gyms nationwide become less and less crowded. March is nearly approaching, and ask yourself, where are you now with your fitness goals? If you’re like the majority of the people out there, chances are, you need some help to get you to start with this new healthy habit. Steering towards your goals is all about doing small things daily, which compounded tenfold at the end; it is all about consistency. How to stay consistent with your new health regimen? . I.  Accountability is EVERYTHING Not only we are our own worst critic, but we tend to be very lousy in keeping promises to ourselves. But… Read more

The 30 Day Cutting Challenge

  So you have a little or some muscle mass already – you’re not a complete gym newbie and have worked out before. But, you are still aiming for the chiseled lean look like the fitness male models you see on health/fitness magazine. How can you get there? Good news is, the fact that you already have lean muscle mass, it is easier and faster to show them off, by cutting down your bodyfat % vs starting really lean with very little muscle mass. The leaner you are, the more defined your muscles will look, and thus give you the illusion of being bigger and “jacked”. People are always surprised to learn that my weight is around 165 lbs (at 5-ish % bodyfat), when everyone… Read more

Equipment Needed For The Master’s Hammer & Chisel

Professional trainers advise that buying equipment for specific programs is a waste of your valuable money. Add in all the space you’d lose if you bought equipment each time you started a brand new program – too much money. Professionals will let you know there are five essentials for all programs. The upfront investment is minimal. The best part is you’ll have everything you need for the Master’s Hammer and Chisel Program. Equipment versatility is the key to an ultimate home gym. You’ll want products that offer you the ability to perform an array of exercises; which allows you various weight loss goals. The choices are endless – bulking up, slimming down or getting more athletically fit. Buying the following five pieces of equipment will… Read more

How to Meal Prep for the Hammer & Chisel Nutrition Plan

My first impression of the Hammer and Chisel Nutrition Plan was that it was too good to be true. You get to eat all of your favorite meals. What other workout program allows that?! The trick is portion control. Autumn Calabrese created the Hammer & Chisel diet based on the theory that binge eating can be caused from putting too strict of limitations on your diet. Her program allows you to create your favorite meals. Hammer & Chisel Meal Plans The following meal plans can help you get started. There are three types of days designed: The Athlete that Will Eat Anything The Athlete that Doesn’t Like to Cook The Vegetarian Athlete Each meal plan is based for the 1,800 – 2,100 caloric intake. You… Read more

Hammer and Chisel Vs. Body Beast

In this post, I’m going to compare Hammer & Chisel to Body Beast. You’ll learn: What are the advantages of each program Who is each program for How are the muscle building and nutrition plans different What type of results can you expect from each program First, let’s look at a brief overview of each program. Body Beast vs. Hammer and Chisel Body Beast Body Beast was introduced by bodybuilding champion, Sagi Kalev. His primary goal is to use intense weight training to build muscle. You don’t have to be a bodybuilder to complete Body Beast. Nevertheless, your goal should be to increase muscle mass. Body Beast is a 90 day, 3 phase program: Build, Bulk, and Beast. Each phase uses weights, a pullup bar,… Read more

Hammer and Chisel Workout and Review

Hammer and Chisel is one of the most effective workout plans on the market. The workout program was created by top personal trainers, Sagi Kalev and Autumn Calabrese. Both trainers have created world-renowned programs for Beachbody, including the 21 Day Fix and Body Beast. Now the experienced personal trainers have combined their expertise to get you as ripped as possible with Hammer and Chisel. The “Hammer” workouts are led by Kalev and the “Chisel” workouts are led by Calabrese. The program has all of the cardio and strength building routines that you need to improve your endurance and build muscle. Hammer and Chisel requires 60 rewarding days to complete. At the end, you will be able to pull, lift, and throw more than you ever… Read more

Hammer and Chisel Nutrition Plan

You can’t get in shape without eating clean! The Hammer and Chisel nutrition plan is a foolproof system to get all of the nutrients that you need. If you have done the 21-Day Fix, then you should be familiar with the Hammer and Chisel diet system. The system was created by Autumn Calabrese, one of the personal trainers in Hammer and Chisel. Her goal is to teach you to eat healthy, rather than have you made premade meal. The program focuses on portion control. You will be provided with allotted containers due to your body type and calorie demands. The containers are color coded for the types of food as follows: Green –Vegetables Purple –Fruits Red –Proteins Yellow –Carbs Blue –Healthy Fats Orange –Seeds and… Read more

Body Beast Bulk Abs Workout & Review

Strong abs could be the most important muscle group to strengthen in your body. They stabilize and allow your other muscle groups to grow. Not to mention, chiseled abs look great! Body Beast Bulk Abs targets every muscle that counts. At the end of the 30 days program, you can develop the stronger abs to push harder, run faster, and pull more weight. Kalev, the creator of Body Beast Bulk, uses exercises that were perfected from top personal trainers. The Bulk Ab set is only 11 minutes. You will not be spending countless hours doing ineffective exercises. The following ab exercises are in the Body Beast Bulk Ab series.  Crunches Crunches are one of the most popular ab workouts. You probably see people doing them… Read more
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