Make money helping others and become a Beachbody Coach.

If you are interested in becoming a Beachbody Coach, you will find everything you need here to help you make your decision. You can start from the beginning, or skip to any section that interests you.

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1. Why Did I Become A Beachbody Coach
2. The Beachbody Coach Business Opportunity (Videos)
3. Top 10 Reasons To Join My Team
4. Why Become A Coach?
5. Beachbody Coaching FAQ
6. Invitation From Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler (Video)

Make Money Helping Others And Become A Beachbody Coach.  

I need help. Over 200 MILLION Americans are either largely overweight or obese and the worst part – the trend is increasing. If you have any desire for a better, healthier country, and better healthier fitter people around you, in your family, in your circle of friends, then I could use you.  Become a Beachbody coach and join my team.

Any person who has the right mindset about proper health and fitness should want to make a change, because we are all being effected by this terrible trend. Wonder why healthcare is becoming so expensive and is failing? My hope is that you would get in touch with me and step up to the plate.  You’ll earn money, have fun, and help others.

My Journey: Why Did I Become A Beachbody Coach?

When I first heard about this business opportunity to become a Beachbody Coach a few years back, I was afraid that this might be one of those “pyramid schemes”. At that time, I had done multiple rounds of Power 90, and was in the middle of my first round of P90X. I have gotten great results from the programs, and I figured that since Beachbody is a respectable corporation that produces quality products, I took the leap of faith and signed up.

Of course, the main reason why I decided to sign up and become a beachbody coach was because I wanted to HELP others to be fit and transform their bodies. When I first started working out, I had received help and advice from multiple fitness experts out there, which is why I wanted to pay-it-forward. I was already helping random people on Team Beachbody’s message board, so I thought I might as well make it official and become a beachbody a coach. Plus, there is no commitment and I could quit at anytime if I wanted.

The first year as a coach, I was treating this business as a “hobby”. I did not take the business opportunity to become a coach seriously until in late 2009 when I realized the full potential, and started to “treat it like a real business”. By late 2010, I was making as much income as I was from my fulltime career at the time as an electrical engineer – all by doing this business on the side. At the start of 2011, I resigned from my full time job in Electrical Engineering, and switched careers to become a fulltime Independent Team Beachbody Coach. Within a year, I was named Elite Coach – one of the top 34 coaches in the network – and I doubled what I was making as an engineer, making a 6-figure income.

I’m fortunate enough to do something I absolutely love and to get paid handsomely for it. I have no doubt that financial freedom is right around the corner for me. This is an opportunity, and yes, there are no guarantees in life. But I’m glad I made this decision to HELP others and make an IMPACT on the world.

Are you passionate to help others while at the same time dreaming of the financial freedom? If so, contact me NOW and we can discuss whether this opportunity is for you.

~ Nick HusinElite Team Beachbody Coach & P90X® Certified

Introduction To The Beachbody Business Opportunity

Here is the ultimate video introduction to Team Beachbody. Discover the people, products, and Business Opportunity behind one of the greatest home-based fitness companies in the world in just 12 minutes. And enjoy!


Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Join My Team:

      1. I have great knowledge in health and fitness, specifically on body transformation. I have helped many people change their body and life and so can you! Your prospect customers will not have you as their coach, but have my team and I as a support too.
      2. I have been able to replace my main income with my earnings from Beachbody and now making 6-figure income myself. Whether you’re looking at this business as the next career, or  just a side gig, I can help you to achieve your goal, whether from making $50/week to making $2000/week.
      3. I am an Elite Coach of 2011 – top 34 coaches in the company among 70+ thousand coaches in the network.
      4. I have a duplicable system on approaching this business; I will teach you everything that I know so that you can be as successful as me. However, everything depends on your commitment level.
      5. When you join my team, you will get consistent support and the best tools and systems available. You will also be able to plug into cutting edge training and mentoring from 6-7 figure income leaders in our industry.
      6. You will be personally mentored by me for the first month. If your commitment level matches mine, we can continue more until you’re comfortable with how much you’re making.
      7. I have helped many coaches in my team to get started with their business the right way and have some of them to make this business as their career and sole income.
      8. We are one big happy family and everyone in the team loves to help each other.
      9. You will have the opportunity to polish up on  your leadership skills within the team by leading group call, challenges, etc, with my assistance. The skills will not only help you to become a very successful business person but also might even help you get promoted and a raise at your day job.
      10. Why not?  It’s fun!

Why Become A Beachbody Coach?

The time is NOW to represent products that are saving lives! There will never be a shortage of demand in this market. Enjoy the many rewards when you become a Beachbody Coach including a 25% discount on products. Do something you’re passionate about. Inspire others to achieve their goals and enjoy a healthy, fulfilling life.

It’s easy. You work as a distributor for Beachbody and provide support to your customers. When you become a beachbody coach, you succeed by helping others succeed! We give you the sales tools, support, training—everything you need to get started. And succeed.

Watch this 3 minute video to learn more about the income opportunity and how you earn commission, just by helping others get into shape.


Are you ready to become a coach?!  You can Join my team right now!

Please email me at after you have signed up, so I can help you get started!

* If you do have a account, make sure that you log-out before you proceed.

Beachbody Coaching FAQ

Q: What is the Beachbody Coaching Opportunity?

A: About 4 years ago Beachbody decided to create an direct sales marketing for those who wanted to help others get into shape. They believed that people would have a better chance to succeed with programs like P90X, Insanity, Chalean Extreme, and the upcoming P90X: MC2, etc. if they had the support and motivation from a coach. In return for these coaches helping others get into shape, they would earn a commission from any Beachbody products that the people that they coach would purchase from Since then, many people, including myself, have been able to turn this into a full-time job, and the great thing is that you have the same opportunity!

Q: What are the responsibilities of a coach?

A: As a coach, it’s your responsibility to help motivate and support people going through a Beachbody program, and answer any questions that they would have. Your main job is to be a role model, motivator, and a life coach, to your clients, which at the end, would help you push even harder in your fitness regimen. Indirectly, being a coach has helped me to keep my accountability with my workout.

Q: Is the Beachbody Coaching Opportunity a scam?

A: No, it’s not a scam. In fact, it’s far from it! Believe it or not, I thought it was a scam when I was first introduced to it, but after some research and talking to other successful coaches, I knew that it was a legitimate opportunity. We do not sell cleaning products or just supplements, but we sell great products that have changed people’s lives. We create relationships with your clients/coachees. After 2 years in the business, I have met tons of great people within the community that I am proud to call them family.

Q: How much does it cost to be a coach?

A: It’s very cheap to become a coach, with just an initial sign up fee of $39.95 and $14.95 a month thereafter. The $14.95 per month is for the Back Office that beachbody provides that keeps track of your sales, personal volume, team volume, team sales, customers, coaches, etc., and also has some great training information. You will also get two websites to help kick start your business. Keep in mind that with your 25% coach discount, you’d save money on your supplements that it pays for the monthly fee.

Q: How much time do you have to dedicate to become a successful coach?

A: The amount of time you spend building your business is completely up to you.   The more time and effort you put into it, the more your business will grow. Even if you put in 30 min per day on getting exposures and prospects clients, you could do well in the business. You should know that exposing people to Beachbody products shouldn’t be a chore; you should have the mentality that you’re ‘sharing’ health and fitness tips with others.

Q: Can you do it as a full-time job?

A: Yes you can.  I did it part time for about 1 year on top of my full time Electrical Engineering job. But after I realized that I could make a living off my business alone, I decided to resign from the engineering world to pursue my passion and new career full-time.

Q: Do I have to have great results to be a coach?

A: No! You just have to have a passion for improving your own fitness and helping others. You just need to be on the path towards transforming yourself to the better you. As long as you know how to utilize your sources, ie using Success Stories people like myself as your marketing tool, you should do well in the business.

Q: Do I have to have great results to be successful in this business and make significant side income ?

A: No! It is a business after-all, and as long as you have great work ethics and willing to learn,  you will be successful. However, keep in mind that as a coach, you’re a role model to your team, so it is recommended to live a healthy lifestyle.

Q: What if I’m not a good salesperson?

A: I don’t feel this is a sales job. In fact, I’ve never actually tried to “sell” anything yet.  The way I run my business is by recommending products that I have used and have worked for me. Because of my confidence in these products, I have no problem recommending them to others, and people are always looking for products that will help them lose weight and get into shape! Also, Beachbody knows that majority of coaches are not from sales background, which is why the corporate created several 3rd party/marketing tool that you could use to do the presentation and the talking of the products for you. All you need to do is sharing and becoming the “messenger”, and not the “message”.

Q: Do I have to have a ton of knowledge about diet, supplements, and workouts to be a coach?

A: No, not at all! You just have to have knowledge of Beachbody products so that you can help others through the program they are using, which takes a short time to learn. Your main goal is to help support and motivate people through the program! Remember, you could be very successful as long as you know how to utilize your resources. If you have a question that you do not know how to answer, you could ask me, or ask any expert that you know.

Q: Can we set up a call for you to answer my specific questions about the opportunity?

A: Yes. In fact, this is something that I highly encourage you do so that you know exactly what’s involved before you get signed up. If you want to set up a call, send me an email, which you could find on Contact Me.

Q: How do I sign up to become a Beachbody Coach?

A: If you don’t have any questions AND don’t already have a Beachbody account, you can get signed up by clicking below. (Make sure you see this: SCRAWNY2BRAWNY Will Be Your Team Beachbody Coach!)




1. With the 25% coaches discount, your savings on products more than make up for the $14.95 monthly fee. For example, if you purchase vitamins (Activit, Omega 3, Calcium), supplements (P90X Recovery and Results Formula or whey protein) and/or use Shakeology, the discount on that more than makes up for the $14.95.

2. You really DO change lives. It is so rewarding to help people help themselves. Sometimes you have to believe in them before they believe in themselves, but once they see results–it is fantastic!

3. Nothing will do more for your own motivation than becoming a coach. When you put yourself in the position of being a role model, you WANT to be that person. It is another great way to hold yourself accountable.

Even if you are just starting your fitness journey, you will see yourself as being healthier because you are a fitness coach. Other people will notice that you are putting in an effort and making a lifestyle change. Whether you have lost 5 pounds or 105 pounds, friends and family will look at the effort you are making at becoming a healthy role model and respect you for that.

A mistake some people make is that they think “I can’t be a coach because I haven’t lost much weight yet.” Many people will relate to you just the way you are. Most people struggle to push play and eat healthfully. People will look up to you precisely because you are in the same shoes that they are, but you are taking control and doing something about it.

Because you have chosen to become a coach, your own fitness results will become better than you’ve ever seen before!! People don’t often write about this benefit of coaching, but I guarantee, it is real!


Video Invitation From Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler

If you’re looking to earn a second income by helping others get physically and financially fit, you’ve come to the right place. Beachbody offers you the opportunity to start your own home-based business and have unlimited earning potential for less than $100 a month.

I invite you to take a look at our different videos describing and detailing the Beachbody Coaching Opportunity. Be sure to write down any questions you may have so we can discuss them together.

Please send me an email to so we can get started! I would love to have you be part of our team!

Here is the video message and invitation from Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler.


I hope you will Join my team!

Please email me at after you have signed up so I can help you get started!

* If you do have a account, make sure that you log-out before you proceed.


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