Why I Do Yoga in a Class

Yoga at Runyon Canyon with Yogi Donna Decoster I had never workout at my own will until 2004 (I did have gym class in high school, but that’s another story), when I was first introduced to a proper structured workout with Power 90. And then, I moved on to traditional weight training, swimming, martial arts and outdoor activities. What I’m trying to say is that my idea of a real workout is a high intensity and strenuous movement activity. When I began with P90X few years ago, I was both surprised and dreaded that Yoga is incorporated in the workout schedule on a weekly basis. Just like in the mainstream society and the fitness community in general, I thought that Yoga is only for women,… Read more

Training on Empty Stomach?

Sean Callahan, Tony Horton, and I at Santa Monica Muscle Beach NYTimes released an article last month on the benefits of exercising before breakfast – training on empty stomach is proven to be effective in burning bodyfat. However, the article did make a point that training on empty will not improve your performance during a workout. So the main question is, if you’re somewhat in shape and your main goal is to improve sports performance, agility, strength and muscle size, would it be bad to train on empty? It is just a common sense that you will feel more like training if you eat a small snack beforehand. It’s important to enjoy your training, because you’re not likely to keep doing an activity that you… Read more

Please help to save the cute fluffy kitties and doggies!

Coni the Hollywood's Modern Crazy Cat Lady On January 30, 2011, Coni Constantine, a dear friend of mine, and also known as Hollywood’s Modern Crazy Cat Lady (why modern? because she’s in shape and has abs) will be running in the 2011 ING Miami Marathon and Half Marathon as a member of Team ASPCA, a national fundraising and marathon training program benefiting the ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ). She is excited to be participating in the inaugural Team ASPCA race and honored to be raising awareness and much needed funding to support the ASPCA’s programs. Your donation will help the ASPCA continue to provide local and national leadership in three key areas: caring for pets and pet parents,… Read more

Supplements for a Champion!

Got Recovery Drink? Okay, maybe not as a champion, but maybe as a Beachbody Success Story? Personally, I firmly believe that anyone could get great transformation and results as long as they focus on 1)intense workout  2) proper healthy diet  3) proper supplements. If you’re doing only 2 of the 3, your results will not be as good as those who do all 3. Supplements might not be necessary if you’re eating organic healthy food and herbs, but people who like that are rare. Most of us have a full time job, kids, errands etc and could not spend all the time in the world to find the best ingredients out there for our body – just like the doctors said on the Shakeology video… Read more

Meet and Workout with Tony Horton, Creator of P90X, in Los Angeles

That is right! Tony Horton is launching his new book titled ‘Bring It’ and is doing his book tour all over the country. You will have the chance to meet Tony Horton in person, and do a group workout with successful P90Xers this month. Here are the details: . DATE: January, 22nd (Saturday) TIME: 10:00 AM-2:00 PM EVENT LOCATION: Fairmont Miramar Hotel, 101 Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90401 . The event is free for Team Beachbody Coaches, while guests would have to pay $20 (but you will get a free copy of the book!). You could always get your book copy signed by the dude at the event. Since we’re expecting a large number of attendees and possible sold out, please register asap at: … Read more

Shakeology Review: Weight-Loss and for Lean Muscle Mass

Got Shakeology? Shakeology has been marketed as a weight loss meal replacement by Beachbody. Derived from whole-food sources, Shakeology delivers daily vitamins, minerals and other nutrients your body needs to curb cravings, which therefore, makes you eat less and shed weight faster. For those who are unfamiliar with Shakeology, please view the video below. I had heard great things about Shakeology and wondered if this so-called ‘meal replacement’ might benefit someone like me who was already lean but looking to add more lean muscle mass. As a Beachbody coach, I decided to try out the product myself so that I could give honest feedback/opinion about it to my clients. I have to admit, I was fairly skeptical when I started taking Shakeology just over a… Read more

P90X Fusion 2011

New Year means new round for P90X. My goal for this round is to increase upper body mass while working more on the core-abs and fighting skills. Here’s my plan for the time being (starting dat 1/3/11): Phase 1 Week 1-3 Mon – P90X Chest-Back/ARX Tue – 4×10 Back Squat / 4×10 calf raise / 40 min of Muay Thai Wed – P90X Shoulder-Arms / ARX Thu – Yoga (1 hr of YogaX or P90X Fountain of Youth) Fri – 4×8 Bench Press / 40 min of P90X Leg-Back or Gym Back-Leg* / 4×8 Bi Curl / ARX Sat – RevAbs or Advanced Abs Routine* Sun – Rest . Week 4&8 Mon – 5×5 (Bench Press/ Back Squat/ T-Row / Shoulder Press / Barbell Curl… Read more

Merry Xmas from Spokane!

No Ears, No Eyes, No Mouth, No Nose Wishing everyone a great Happy Holiday and Happy New Year. I’m in the great Spokane for a week of debauchery with the Currys! But I will come back stronger with P90X on 1/3/2011!… Read more

Extreme Abs Workout

Work that Abs! Whether you’re doing P90X, Insanity or RevAbs, at some point, you want to spice up your abs routines to make your abs pop out even more. I cannot think of anything else, other than incorporating core gymnastics workout into your routine. I am not an expert in gymnastics, but I have spent the past couple of years learning new tricks from amateur and pro gymnasts that frequent the Santa Monica Muscle Beach. Together with my friend, Seweryn, and inspired by Tony Horton’s beach workout, we created an intense abs routine (see video below). This routine is not for beginners. How would you know whether you are ready to do this routine? If you are doing P90X and could do Abs Ripper X… Read more

The Benefits of Exercising Before Breakfast

Great article from NY Times The holiday season brings many joys and, unfortunately, many countervailing dietary pitfalls. Even the fittest and most disciplined of us can succumb, indulging in more fat and calories than at any other time of the year. The health consequences, if the behavior is unchecked, can be swift and worrying. A recent study by scientists in Australia found that after only three days, an extremely high-fat, high-calorie diet can lead to increased blood sugar and insulin resistance, potentially increasing the risk for Type 2 diabetes. Waistlines also can expand at this time of year, prompting self-recrimination and unrealistic New Year’s resolutions. But a new study published in The Journal of Physiology suggests a more reliable and far simpler response. Run or… Read more

P90X for Hardgainers Part 2 – THE DIETPLAN!

The term hardgainer has been used loosely around the Beachbody community or in the fitness industry a lot. Hardgainer is someone who is naturally skinny, who no matter what he or she eats, always seem to have trouble gaining weight, whether in the form of muscle or fat. To determine whether you’re a hardgainer, look at the men in your family. If they’re all slim and skinny, then you’re most likely an ectomorph or a hardgainer. Do not confused the term hardgainer with having hard time to gain muscle mass, because if that is the case, almost everyone is a hardgainer. Either way, I will lay out the diet plan for different types of people who want to gain lean muscle mass while on P90X.… Read more

Does P90X Work? Fitness Coach Nick Husin answers the question “Does P90x work for hardgainers?” The most common questions that I always receive are: “Does P90x Work?  Can you gain all that muscle mass with just P90X? I thought it was for people who want to lean down only“ The truth is, P90X is not a weight loss program, but it is a well designed program for anyone, whether the main goal is just improving your fitness level, getting more lean, being ripped, or add lean muscle mass. The program works to get you to your most optimal physique – if you’re on the flabby side, you’d be losing weight, while if you’re on the skinny side, you’d gain lean muscle mass. However, to gain… Read more

I’m on P90X ad in Esquire Mag, Jan 2011 issue!

From Esquire Magazine, Jan 2011 issue When Beachbody’s corporate office emailed me few months back to notify that I will be on P90X ads in some magazines, I didn’t realized that I will be the feature story! Click on the picture above to view it larger, or get your copy of Esquire Magazine! I am also on ESPN & Road and Track Magazine for Jan issue as well. For skinny, dorky guys out there – don’t give up as there is hope after-all! If I can do it, you can do it too! Just DECIDE, COMMIT and you will SUCCEED! p/s: Man, that is some shiny jeans… what was I thinking? haha… Read more

Another Success Story with P90X – Hottest Firefighter Calendar Male Model

I have had the honor of helping Donnie Williams, a firefighter from Tulsa, OK, for over a year with his fitness journey. Donnie has always been fit, but he wanted more. After completing 2 rounds of P90X, he expressed an interest to enter a Firefighter Calendar. I worked closely with him  in designing an intense hybrid P90X workout and we also  took a good look at his diet. I guess everything paid off because he was selected as Mr August for the Tulsa Metro Firefighter Calendar, This is after a year of P90X, proper diet and supplements – with P90X Recovery Formula Drink after every workout. Like Donnie, you too can reach your fitness goals if you commit to a consistent routine… Read more

Free Workout Classes in Hollywood-Los Angeles?

If you’re in the Greater Los Angeles Area and looking for a cheap way to get fit and stay in shape, check out Runyon Canyon Park in Hollywood. There are several Yoga classes held there everyday, and best of all, Team Beachbody Bootcamp-style Class with yours truly! This 50-60 min body sculpting and strengthening workout is based on P90X exercises and other Beachbody workouts like  Insanity, Turbo Fire, RevAbs, etc. All levels welcomed. Also are doing Shakeology tasting after every Saturday’s workout. TEAM BEACHBODY FIT CLUB SCHEDULE: Tuesday – 3:30 pm Saturday/Sunday – 12:00 pm WHAT TO BRING: Water Mat or Towel Proper workout shoes (no flip flops) Workout clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty To find the the class, just go to to… Read more

A healthy Christmas Dessert?

Finally I am hosting a Christmas party for the first time since I’ve been in California. Since most of my guests would be a health-freak people, I can’t just serve the typical high-calories-junk, and I can do so much with veggie dip. While searching online, I found this great recipe for a no bake Shakeology Brownies. Big THANK YOU to Coach Amy P for creating this recipe! Ingredients: 1/2 cup Chocolate Shakeology (60g) 1/2 cup oats (48g) 1/2 cup chunky peanut butter (119g) 1/4 cup agave nectar (66g) Mix all ingredients by hand and press into a small baking dish. I sprayed the dish with cooking spray, but you can line it with wax paper, if you prefer. Cut into 12 pieces. Yes, they will… Read more

Core Workout Routine: Dips & L Workout

Dips & L is a great upper body and core workout routine, which could be easily done either at home, at the gym, or any outdoor adult jungle gym. If you’re looking to work more on your abs, while building and toning your pecs/tri at the same time, I’d highly recommend incorporating this routine into your current workout. You could do either single, double, triple or quadruple dips & L. For example, when doing double, you need to do 2 dips in a row, and then do 2 Ls in a row. If you workout from home and do not have a parallel dip bar, all you need is 2 stool/bar chair and you should be set to go. Or else, just use your creativity… Read more
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