Dietary supplements: Do we really need them?

Lets look at nature: If you want to grow vegetables in your backyard, you need to prepare the soil. Once the seeds are planted and showing some sprouts, you need to provide them with water and fertilizer. Without those, your vegetables would still grow, but not as well, not as strong. Smart farmers who want their crops to prosper treat their crops with some form of fertilizers, along with the proper amount of water and sun. Our body is a living thing that is constantly growing. So in order for our body to regenerate itself, we need to supply it with effective fuel. Now, in an ideal world, no one would need dietary supplements: our diets would provide all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients… Read more

Bigger, Stronger, Beastier….. HOW?!?!?!

I have often received this question from my followers and readers about how to gain mass: How can we put on muscle if we don’t have the right equipment? Is it possible? The answer is…. yes, and no. When I was still the a scrawny kid with no prior experience with weight training, I only had resistance bands to use in my workout. And yet, I still managed to put on 30 lbs  in just 3 months time (please remember that I started at just 105 lbs, and without proper measurements, I cannot guarantee that those 30 lbs are pure lean muscle mass). Since my initial 90 days were a great success, I tried repeating my steps, but didn’t see additional gains until I started… Read more

Add Lean Muscle Mass The Right Way

Before attempting to add any lean muscle mass to your body frame, you’d need to first determine your body type and body frame. There are 3 main body types: → Ectomorph : tall and thin, with a narrow body, thin arms and legs, little body fat and wiry muscles → Mesomorph : strongly built, with a broad muscular chest and shoulders, very muscular arms and legs, and little body fat → Endomorph : generally stocky, with a large round body, a short thick neck, short arms and legs, and with a tendency to store body fat In order to gain muscle size, there are two things that have to be achieved: a) you have to provide enough stress to your muscles so that they are… Read more

Not in USA but wanting to have the Beach Body results? No problem!

Your Fitness Coach . I have been getting a lot of response from my international followers and readers who want to get Ripped Like Nick. Before, it was impossible to ship any of the Beachbody products outside of the USA and Canada and it was frustrating….. but not anymore. International Shipping Instructions To my international followers, you can now purchase my recommended products directly from my website and get coached by me. But first, you should get a Bongo US address for $5 and then when you order through my website, Bongo will take care of the international forwarding. This makes everything easier! Bongo US works for most countries. . Other recommendations to get a USA address For Australia residents, use  or For… Read more

Healthy Living While Travelling

Tree Pose in the heart of Singapore Maybe some of you travel a lot for work, like A LOT! Now, the question then is this: how do you stay in shape while travelling? It can be hard to stay motivated to stay on track with your fitness regimen if you’ve sat on plane for 6+ hours, spent hours sitting around airports waiting for connecting flights, so by the time you finally get to your hotel room, all you want to do is crash on your bed and eat tons of junk food! Of course, if you’re fortunate enough that you’re staying in a nice hotel room with a gym, then that’s great – you have no excuses not to do your workout. Most hotel gyms… Read more

Muscle Beach Updates

Santa Monica is hitting a really bad heat wave the past few days. Although not as bad as the Inland Empire, it is still tough to do the beach workout outside when the humidity is really high. Regardless, I just suck it up and do the beach workout right after doing Body Beast’s Bulk: Leg, and oh boy, I do not recommend doing a 4 hour workout at all! . The Handstand Pushups: While I’ve been mastering this routine for a couple of years now, I used to have difficulties stabilizing myself on the stand that I can only do the pushups if I had someone to spot me. But as of yesterday, I broke my very own personal record and did 8.5 reps. The… Read more

Improving on Pullups

There is nothing more than impressive than a man or woman who can do good numbers of pullups in a good form. It is a basic routine that any mankind needs to master for survival skills. Just imagine in the post-apocalyptic zombie time, you might need to do a lot of climbing to save your life! Too drastic? Okay, how about you got caught in the Spanish bull running and you got stuck behind an alley; the only way to get out from being horned by the bull, is to be able to pull your body up on a nearby rooftop. Having strong arms and back will help you. HOW TO GET BETTER AT PULLUPS? 1. Do Chin Ups – palms facing you and grip… Read more

Day 30 Body Beast Update

I forgot to post this, but I hit my Day 30 using Body Beast on 7/31/12. You can view my Day 1 and pre-beast prep info. Day 30 results with Body Beast (which you can buy here): Weight : 160 lbs (lost 2 lbs compared to Day 1, gained 5 lbs compared to pre-Beast prep) BF% : 7.2% (lost 1.3%) Waist : 30.5″ (lost 0.5″) Biceps : 15 1/8″ (gained 1/8″) Not bad for a 3500 cal. Time to eat more!  … Read more

Doing Body Beast At The Gym

I have been doing the Body Beast program for the past 3 weeks and I am really enjoying it. But because I’m working from home, I need a way to escape and I’ve found working out at the gym does the trick, and helps me clear my head. And of course, over the last few years, I’ve developed a passion for weight training and bodybuilding (although I’m not, by any means, interested in getting super huge!) While Body Beast is designed to be done at home, just like any other Beachbody workout program, it still can be done at the gym with some simple tricks. I really believe that in order for you to really maximize the results, you should utilize old school routines like… Read more

Get Ripped This Halloween!

Announcing the 90 Day Halloween Challenge starting on 8/6 to 10/27, to prepare yourself for your Halloween costume! If you’re like many people, you have probably done a few weeks of the Beachbody workouts but soon stopped because of one reason or another.  But let’s face it, usually it’s lost focus and a simple lack of commitment. A challenge might be just the focus you need! Imagine, celebrating this Halloween by proudly showing off your new Beach Body as a super hero, like Captain America, Thor, Green Lantern, 300 Spartan, and many more! Come on, it’ll be a fun way to stay focused and we can look forward to a healthy, hot summer body! More importantly, we now have a pure weight lifting program that… Read more

4 Weeks Bulking Results & Pre-Beast

Just to refresh your memory, I started the bulking phase, eating >3000 cal/day, at the beginning of the month. Before, with 2500 cal/day, I felt that I was overtrained and hit a plateau with my workout. While on the bulking phase, I was doing a pure weight training program to prepare for Body Beast, and not P90X or Insanity. You can read the benefits that I discovered from this diet here. So 4 weeks are in and the results of Week 4 vs Week 1: Weight:             161            vs              155 lbs   (6 lbs gain!) Chest:             42.75″         vs                41.5 “    (1.25″ gain!) Waist:                  31″          vs                 31″ Thigh:            21 1/2″          vs             21  5/8″     (1/8″ gain!) Bicep (flex) :     15″             vs                15″ Calves:              14″            vs               14″ I didnt measure… Read more

Body Beast Equipment

It seems there are tons of questions regarding the equipment used with Body Beast. After reviewing  some of the workout videos, here is my “must have” equipment list that will help you maximize your results:  (If you don’t have Body Beast yet, you can see my review and buy it here). 1. Variety of weights – dumbbells Your arms can only grow so big if all you’re lifting is 20 lbs.  While Body Beast exercises have a rep range going from 8 to 15 , I do believe that if you’re already fit, you’re probably going to need to get weights from 5 – 50 lbs, or better yet, go all the way to 100 lbs for long term use. I’m sure if you keep… Read more

Week 2 of Bulking Diet

Just this week, I increased my daily intake to an average of 4000 cal/day. So far, it hasn’t been a tough task to eat that much, other than I feel like I’m wasting a lot of time in eating 🙂 The picture above was taken a couple of days ago, after 10 days of bulking phase. I should have posted my stats from earlier this month when I first started the bulking phase: Weight: 155 lbs Chest: 41.5 “ Waist: 31″ Thigh: 21.5″ Bicep (flex) : 15″ Calves: 14″ . Benefits that I discovered from increasing my caloric intake the past 2 weeks: I feel more rested and dont  get that much sore. Of course the Recovery Formula helps! Usually when I’m lifting heavy, I’d… Read more

More of 3000+ cal diet!

It’s been 3 full days of my eating around 3200-3500 cal/day and I’ve to say that I’m feeling much better, performance-wise. I dont feel too sluggish nor do I feel too sore when pushing too hard into my workouts. A lot of people think that I’m eating A LOT, but in reality, for someone who is as active like me, I might need to eat at least 3000 cal to survive! I found a good site to calculate my Resting Metabolic Rate –  the energy required to perform vital body functions such as respiration and heart rate while the body is at rest. Check out the RMR Calculator here. From that online tool, I’d consider myself as “Very Active” and not “Extremely Active” since I… Read more

Starvation Mode Part II

It is undeniable that the simplest way to lose weight is by restricting the food that you put into your body. It makes sense if you burn more energy than the consumed calories, then your body will use the reserved fuel aka bodyfat to propel your body forward. However, this is not true for every case, especially with the yo-yo diet. The yo-yo effect It is also known as weight cycling where dieters would have an extreme restricted caloric intake – say less than 1000 cal/day – for a period of time to lose weight. Initially, they will see some results and the feeling of pride and joy for able to reach the weight loss goal, but the results are just mere instant gratification. This… Read more

Back on Track!

Earlier this month, I traveled to Chicago for a business and personal development conference. While learning a lot, the lack of sleep and the stress of traveling finally caught up on me; when I’m back at my home in Los Angeles, I got the worst cold since I started P90X and drinking Shakeology. For 1 week, I did nothing other than watching a lot of TV and nursing my cold. And a week after that, I was slowly working back into gear; only this week that started I continuing back my hybrid round of X2 + P90X with Week 7. Not only that, I decided to try out a new gym within the proximity of my home. Usually I do my workout at 24 Hr… Read more

Personal Development: Is it worth the investment?

If someone told me a couple of years back that I’d be spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on personal development, I’d probably just laughed out loud and (maybe rolling on the floor laughing too) And yet, here I am today sitting on Southwest flight flying over the Grand Canyon on my way to Chicago to attend a business & personal development training seminar, with Dani Johnson, the self-made multi-millionaire. Many successful and multimillionaires agree that we can only be successful and rich if we invest on ourselves to become a better person. Are leaders born or developed? Many thinks that leaders are born – some people just have the natural gift to become the football jock, high school class president, and prom king… Read more

Preworkout Drink: The Good, The Bad, The Instant Gratification?

I first was introduced to a preworkout supplement was when I started my first round of P90X back in 2008. The first brand that I tried was No-Xplode based on a friend’s recommendation. Of course, for the first few weeks, my workout was amazing – pushups seemed easier and pullups were actually possible! The only problem with No-Xplode to me at that time was that the need to cycle 1 month off after taking it for 3 months non-stop. After a year of taking it, I looked at the other alternatives out there. I’ve tried many brands like Jack3d and PumpFuel but those products made me too jittery and I felt like I was almost having an asthma attack when working out. I found something… Read more

Cheating on reps, are they worth it?

First things first, let’s define what cheating on a rep is: Cheating on a rep is performed by deviating from strict form (leaning, adding extra momentum at the bottom of the movement with whole-body motion) after a lifter has reached the his/her maximum reps. Basically, it allows you to journey beyond the point of muscle failure. Are they worth it? The answer is yes and no. Your experience working out and lifting determine whether you should do cheat reps or not. For newbies, proper form and range of motion is the top priority when working out. The reason being- your ligaments, muscles, joints, etc are not strong yet and you can easily injure yourself if you’re keeping sloppy form and cheating reps. Also, you need… Read more

P90X + P90X2 + Mass Hybrid

With less than 90 days until the 4th of July, I decided last week to start a new hybrid workout routine.  This is still experimental, but its goal is to improve both strength and size, so that I’ll look my very best for all the big summer parties this year 🙂 I completed my first round of P90X2 in late March. While the program is fantastic with a lot of emphasis on balance, stability, sports performance and core, I believe that the program is more appropriate for someone who wants to improve for better athletic performance, core strength, flexibility. I can definitely say that my performance and form have gotten much better and cleaner from completing X2. However, at the same time I do feel… Read more

Why Starving Yourself Doesn’t Work

So here’s the deal on why starving yourself doesn’t work and you’re probably not seeing any results from those diet pills you had such high hopes for. You, I, and everyone else has this thing called a metabolism, the chemical processes that occur within our bodies that help us sustain life. People with high metabolisms tend to be able to eat more and not gain any obvious weight, while people with low metabolisms have bodies that tend to hold on to what’s being consumed. Now here is the part most of you don’t know and that is, ‘Why’? You have to eat! That’s the answer – as simple as that. Explanation: Lets say you just got out of bed from a nice 8 hour sleep.… Read more

It’s that TIME of the year again! Get your Beach Body ready for the Summer!

Get Your Summer Beach Body Ready by 4th of July! (with the Santa Monica Beach Workout crew) Announcing the Summer Challenge starting on 4/9, with about 90 days to the starting of Summer, or 4th of July weekend! If you’re like many people, you have probably done a few weeks of the Beachbody workouts but soon stopped because of one reason or another, but let’s face it, usually it’s lost focus and a simple lack of commitment. A  challenge might be just the focus you need! Imagine, celebrating this 4th of July weekend by proudly showing off your new Beach Body at the beach or pool party for the great American holiday! Come on, it’ll be a fun way to stay focused and we can… Read more

I just discovered how I can save millions of lives…

I have to make a confession: I feel embarrassed and ashamed about this… 1.5 Billion people don’t have clean drinking water right now, and 5,000 children die every day, while I’m worried about buying brand name, alkaline, ionized, structured water that’s expensive as heck. Something is wrong here. Dirty Water is the leading cause of death in the world right now, AND I JUST DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT. I just became a RainCatcher Ambassador, just like Tony Horton, and Darin Olien. You can check my page out here: And you can make one for yourself too: RainCatcher is an international non-profit committed to providing clean drinking water to those who go without. RainCatcher has already donated thousands of water filters, wells, and Rain… Read more

Shakeology Tropical Strawberry is HERE & VEGAN!

Tropical Strawberry Shakeology is the most delicious vegan shake ever created. Crafted with a mouthwatering mix of strawberries, bananas, papayas, pineapples, coconuts, plus whole superfoods from around the world, you’ll love the refreshing fruity flavor of our 100% VEGAN, SOY and DAIRY-FREE Tropical Strawberry shake. You don’t have to be a vegan to love a vegan shake. Many people digest plant proteins better than animal proteins. And Tropical Strawberry Shakeology contains vitamins and nutrients your body craves in a more readily assimilable form to help keep you strong, healthy, lean, and focused. Tropical Strawberry Shakeology is a Nutritious and Delicious Meal That Can Help You:* Lose Weight Reduce Cravings Stay Regular Feel Energized Experience Vitality For the First Time, 100% Vegan is Creamy and Smooth.… Read more

Supplement simplified, Part I

I’ve been asked this question many times, so I figured now was the time to explain what supplements you need even on a tight budget to help you reach your fitness goals faster. Goal: To gain muscle mass & get ripped I’d say the 3 main things that you need are whey protein, P90X Recovery Drink, and Shakeology – in that order. Most guys protein intake is too low to begin with, and thus, and so, when working out, an additional protein supplement is a must. You can read more on the protein here. As for the P90X Recovery Drink, I noticed that most guys focus TOO much on destroying their muscles, but not nearly enough in rebuilding them . Let me explain: When you… Read more
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