MIA for 2013? But ready for 2014! Body Beast Classic Competition

About 40 days ago, I posted on my Facebook page that I planned to compete in my 1st physique competition in the Beast Classic during Beachbody Coach Summit 2013. My friends and teammates were excited about the news and were looking forward to seeing me on stage last Wednesday night when the competition took place, but…. WHERE WAS I? Most of you who have been following my progress the past few years know about my past – I wasn’t born ripped or athletic. In fact, I was ridiculed and bullied most of the time I was growing up, so I always had to deal with low self-esteem. And even today, from time to time, I still doubt my abilities. That skinny, shy, and low self-esteem… Read more

Who DOESN’T Want Great Abs?

It’s a hot summer day. You’re at the beach. There you’ll notice there are two kind of fit guys – the ones who are beefy and muscular, and the others who are ripped, with great muscle definition, and perhaps most importantly (at least looks-wise)…amazing chiseled abs. Which of these two do you find most impressive? Which one do you aspire to be? Whichever one you decide, I suspect the majority of people out there think the guys with the great abs are the most impressive. Not only do abs and a strong core show a lot about someone’s overall general physical shape, they tend to the be what most guys aspire to when they first start working out. Let’s face it – big muscles are… Read more

To Workout or Not Workout. That is the Question

We’ve all had mornings like this. You wake up, feeling under the weather and just not quite yourself. But at the same time, you’ve got a workout to do (whether you’re training for a triathlon or doing P90X or Body Beast or whatever), so you then have to ask yourself: is working out the right thing to do, or would it be better to take a rest day? The short answer is this: it all depends on whether you think you’re really coming down with something, or if you’re just feeling kind of crappy. If you think it’s the latter — you’re tired, sore, have tight muscles, feeling lethargic, there are a few things you can do. My warm up routine before intense workout…. especially… Read more

How Important is Proper (and expensive) Equipment?

To Add Lean Muscle Mass that is….. Some people are just born lucky with good genes. All they have to do is run, do some pushups and pullups, and they have the most amazing body imaginable. Actor Paul (Fast and Furious) Walker is a great example of someone who only has to do martial arts and surf to keep his body looking great. True story. A few years ago, I got into carpentry as a hobby, and tried to build myself a cabinet using nothing but basic tools like a hammer, saw, nails, etc. It worked, but…I then decided to invest in powertools, and it made a big different. The quality of the work was better and more precise, and my time was used more… Read more

First Step to Transforming Your Physique

How should you get started? First things first – you’ve got to find your inner fire. What do I mean by that? You’ve got to ask yourself – why do you WANT to workout, and how much effort are you willing to put into it? How much do you want it? Let’s say for example that you wanted to become a millionaire. It’s something everybody wants, but not everybody is willing to put in the work and effort and sweat and sacrifice necessary to achieve that goal. For some people, for most people actually, the realization is that there are more important things in life, that family, friends, relationships, having a life, are more important than the single-mindedness that’s really necessary to become seriously rich.… Read more

Body Beast + P90X Hybrid for Summer Challenge

Started my Summer Challenge – 90 Days to 4th of July – just a couple of days ago. I’ve done 2 rounds of Body Beast so far; while loving the program, I do miss the good ol’ calisthenics routines in P90X.  So I figured, why not combine them both? So for the Block 1, the routines are heavily based on P90X, while on Block 2, the routines are from Body Beast. Block 1 (Week 1-3) Mon: X2 Chest/Back/Balance….. or the good ol P90X Chest/Back + ARX Tues: Body Beast Build Legs Wed: P90X Shoulders & Arms + ARX Thur: Yoga Fri: 5×5 bench press + back squat + T-row + Shoulders Sat: Swimming + 45 min of Core Abs Sun: REST Block 2 (Week 4-10) … Read more

Dubai…London…and lessons learned…

Three weeks away from home, and I’ve got a lot to tell you all: Burj Khalifa, tallest building in the world First of all, I had a great time in Dubai.  There’s the modern part that you see in pictures, with the giant skyscrapers and malls, and that’s perfectly OK, but pretty much like skyscrapers and malls anywhere in the world.  But what I really loved was exploring the old part, the historic part, the part that still feels “foreign” — the part of Dubai that made me feel like I was actually in the Middle East. Which brings to mind a funny story.  Unlike the “new” part of Dubai, the old part is still considered to be pretty conservative.  And people there, whether they’re… Read more

Beasting it up With the Beast

I had the opportunity to meet “the man” himself – Body Beast’s Sagi Kalev. We talked a bit, and he asked me what my favorite workout is – I said “chest.” He then asked me what’s my least favorite workout – I said “legs.” Mistake – his face light up and he said “We’ll do legs!” But fortunately for me, I’d hit legs the day before and was still sore, so Sagi took pity on me and we did arms. This was quite the change of pace. I’ve worked out with many many fitness professionals before, but I’ve never had a personal trainer. In fact, even when I’m working out with my buddies, I’m always the one pointing out and correcting other people’s form. So… Read more

Can a cheat meal be detrimental to your progress?

Disclaimer: Everyone is built differently; not everyone has the same background as I do. While this might not apply to some of you, perhaps you can learn something from my experience and understand your body better. Anyway…. I started working out few weeks before my 20th birthday and since then it has been a work in progress. The transformation itself is a journey, and every day I learn something new and keep working on my health. I’d say that being involved in the P90X/Beachbody community since 2008 has taught me to improve on my diet better. After all, I am the average of 5 people that I spend the most time with, and since my network of friends are very health conscious and picky with… Read more

Five Tips to REALLY Develop Your Chest

I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately (especially after I posted this picture after my last chest workout – about how to really bring out one’s chest and get those pecs to grow. So…here’s five tips, five of my favorite ways to fully work your chest muscles. Like most of the large muscle groups, when I go into my workout, I concentrate on going hard and heavy at the beginning, and then finish off by pumping as much blood into the chest as possible using controlled high reps either by just doing pushups, or chest flies. Tip #1: Once I’m warmed up, I load up the weight and go as heavy as possible, going slow on the way down, then explode up. Consider doing… Read more

Think You’re Done With Your Workout? Think Again.

Your workout’s done.  You’ve given it your all and pushed yourself further than you thought you could.  Think you’re done?  Think again. To maximize your results, and to get the most out of each rep and each moment of cardio and  to keep yourself as healthy as possible, there are five simple steps you need to do before you can say “my workout is done.”  1.  Drink your post workout supplement! After your workout, you have a one hour window when your body is at its optimal best to absorb nutrition and replenish your aching muscles with badly needed glycogen.  My suggestion?  If you’ve completed a strength/resistance workout, use the Body Beast supplement line.  If your workout was more core and cardio based, try P90X… Read more

Success Story: Pablo Rojas

The past 3 months, I had the opportunity to coach Pablo, who lives in Argentina. While I normally do not coach anyone outside of USA & Canada, I made an exception for Pablo since he was really serious about transforming his physique. It was a challenge to coach him on proper nutrition because of the different diet, and lack of proper supplements. But with a lot of tweaking and subbing comparable supplements, we made it worked. “its hard to know how [my] body works; it involves a lot of trial and error, but this is the first time that I actually know what to do to reach [my] goal. Before P90X, I just went to the gym and hope for the best and that was… Read more

Success Story: Karl Pauli

I have the honor to coach Karl on his 2nd round of P90X. It is amazing on what kind of results you can get by following simple advice – like investing in proper supplements 😉 For those who are still skeptical on proper nutrition to build lean mass and burn bodyfat,  take the leap of faith and open your mind to try something new, even for 1 month. You never know what kind of results you can achieve until you’ve tried it… And that’s what Karl learned as well. Karl’s Story: Throughout high school and college I was always heavily involved in athletics.  I never had to watch what I was eating because I was able to burn it off quickly playing sports.  Middle of… Read more

A Fresh Start for a New Year

Happy New Year! I know that I’m about 9 days late, but better late than never, right? Just a couple of days after Christmas, I moved out of my old beach pad and moved in to a real adult apartment, about 2 miles away from the beach (I guess that’s not too bad). While spending the holidays packing and unpacking, working out was definitely a low priority, so I decided to take a break, and maybe splurge a little bit on heavy eating. I finally started my workouts this week, entering my official Round 2 of Body Beast. Comparing to my pre-holiday stats, I’ve lost about 7 lbs of muscle mass and a significant amount strength by not working out for over 2 weeks. I… Read more

Should You or Shouldnt You Wear Compression Clothing?

Growing up in the tropics, and living in Southern California the past 9 years, I’ve been somewhat spoiled with warm weather. And it is always nice working out at the gym – even when it is pouring heavily – when the heater is turned on. Warm temperature helps with workout performance while cold temperature works the opposite and can be dangerous as well. When the temperature is cold, our muscles and limbs tend to be stiff and inflexible, but proper warm-up will help to loosen them up. Imagine jumping high during a plyometric workout without a proper warm-up? You’d easily pull and strain your muscles! Even with proper and long warm-up, the muscles can cool down easily between sets. A couple of years ago, I… Read more

Body Beast + P90X Challenge Group Promotion

[button_dark iconlink=”” url=]Body Beast + Supplements Pack[/button_dark] [button_dark iconlink=”” url=]P90X + Supplements Pack[/button_dark] . . The typical thing to do is to wait until after the New Year to start a new workout regimen.  But why wait then when you can start now? Although we will have Christmas and then the New Year’s Eve celebration in a couple of weeks, that shouldn’t stop anyone who is serious enough to start a workout regimen. Since I’ve done and have gotten great results with both P90X & Body Beast, I am looking for those who are willing to commit to do a challenge. But what is a Challenge Group? – You do everything at home, on your time and your schedule. No in-person meetings or group workouts.… Read more

5 Ways to Enjoy Your Thanksgiving (and still feel good the day after)

The big eventful day is just around the corner! No, not Christmas – although it’s great to receive presents – I’m talking about an even greater event where we can eat tons of delicious, finger licking good food, without being judged as sloppy pigs 😉 As a fitness enthusiast, I believe in leading a healthy life with moderate, high-quality food. But then again, I am human, and for sanity sake, it is okay to splurge on special occasions, and Thanksgiving is definitely one of those moments. But what if, you have been working really hard on maintaining your healthy weight, and/or working on your body transformation? Well, the good news is, I have 5 tips to help you to stay on track. Earn your Food!… Read more

Nothing becomes dynamic until it becomes specific

“Nothing becomes dynamic until it becomes specific“…….. I am not sure whether Dani Johnson, a self-made multi-millionaire coined the phrase or whether she’s quoting someone else, but either way, I heard it first from her. What does it really means? Everyone has goals in their life that they want to achieve. The most common ones are: 1) improving their health,  2) advancing in a career and earning higher income, and of course 3) finding love. Let’s take an example regarding careers. It’s easy to say that you want to double your income and hit the 6 figure income mark. But ask yourself this – when do you want to achieve it? Or better yet, ask yourself, HOW are you going to achieve that? On Brian… Read more

Happy Halloween! Beware of Vampires, Werewolf and….. GMO!

Halloween is always a special happy time where kids running around in costume getting treats while the adults just have a big excuse to reminiscent their childhood and dress up as well. Sometimes, you can see some adults putting in a lot of effort and money in their costume – for example, my 300 Spartan costume few years back 😉 Candies and Halloween always goes together. While this is the only OK time for kids to have candies, but be aware of what you put into your kids mouth. Not all candies are created equal. So lets go take few steps back here…. lets talk about GMO – Genetically Modified Organisms. The past couple of decades, more and more of our food consists of GMO,… Read more

Joint Pain Due To Exercise

I may be only 28 years old, but with all the abuse and bad workout form I inflicted upon myself during my earlier years of working out, I do suffer, from time to time, severe pain in my elbows, shoulders, and of course, my knees. Like most newbies, when I first started working out, my ego was big. It is inevitable that during during my college years when I worked out with  friends who played varsity HS sports or even intermural college, that I would push myself to keep up with them. When they were benching 125 lbs, I was pushing myself to bench just as much. When they jumped high, I wanted to jump higher. Of course back then, being in my early 20s,… Read more

Body Beast Day 90 Results

Just a quick overview of my results with Body Beast: Pre Beast Day 30 Day 60 Day 90 Weight 155 lbs 160 lbs 165 lbs 162 Chest 41 ½” 42” 42 ¾” 42 ¾” Waist 30 ½” 30 ½” 31 ½” 30 ¼” Arms 15” 15 1/8” 15 3/8” 15 ½” BF% 8.5% 7.5% 9.2% 6.7% . Body Beast Final Review Overall, I do think that this is the best program on the market (in a DVD format) to gain mass. I am sure that Body Beast cannot beat hiring a professional bodybuilder to train you to gain mass, but this is the next best thing as it is cheaper, more convenient (since you can do it at home, or at the gym at anytime),… Read more

Beast Mode Diet

Entering my 3rd Block phase of the Body Beast program, which is called the “Beast” phase…. catchy phase, huh? On the guide, for this last 3 weeks of the program,  it says that for anyone who is already lean and not looking to do the cutting phase, you can just continue with the bulking diet, or else do the cutting diet.  I’m still contemplating whether I should reduce my intake by 10% from my Calorie Intake to Maintain Weight (CIM), but I will try it for a few days and see how I feel.  As of now, I am going to reduce my intake significantly to make the muscles pop out more, especially the abs part. From the calculation, my intake should be around 2250… Read more

Body Beast Review: Day 60 Results

. In mid-June, I noticed  that I was hitting a plateau and was overtrained because I was eating around 2500 cal/day. That led to 2 weeks of bulking mode to prepare for Beast, which I started the first week of July. Then, in mid-August, I had to postpone my workout progress because of my trip to Asia, which set me back basically by a month. So, it is only fair for me to say that the last day of September was around my Day 60. Well, enough with the details, so here’s the results: Pre- Beast Day 60 Weight 155 lbs 165 lbs Chest 41.5″ 42.75 Waist 30.5″ 31.5 Arms 15″ 15 3/8″ BF% 8.5% 9.2% . Overall, I am happy with the progress since… Read more

Become a Team Beachbody Coach in Canada!

Canadians: I know that some of you have been anxiously awaiting your opportunity to become a Beachbody coach, but due to government restrictions and regulations, it took a while before we get approval to proceed.  But your time  has finally arrived! Team Beachbody Coaching is Pre-Launching in Canada on Oct 1st! Now, Canadian citizens are allowed to sign up for a US Coaching opportunity. Please keep in mind that a strictly Canadian coaching opportunity does not exist yet, but we are allowing Canadians to open up a US Coaching business. But don’t worry.  As a coach, you can still recruit customers and other coaches from USA and Canada (and even have other international customers), but your commission will paid to you in US dollars. The… Read more

Les Mills Combat Pre-Order Coming Soon

. LES MILLS COMBAT PRE-ORDER With LES MILLS COMBAT, Beachbody® introduces a powerful new program for extreme body transformation that will soon be available for pre-order next week. LES MILLS COMBAT is a rapid weight loss and body-sculpting system that combines mixed martial arts–inspired workouts with high intensity interval training to help get you lean and ripped like no other program out there. LES MILLS COMBAT is based on a combination of 6 martial arts—boxing, kickboxing/muay thai, taekwondo, capoeira, karate, and jiu jitsu—whose moves are specially combined for the ultimate total body fat loss and body shaping benefits. The workout you get from this very specific combination training can get you even fitter, leaner, and in better shape than you’ve ever imagined. This will be… Read more
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